Five Minute Friday — Notice

Friday. Friday. It’s time for Five Minute Friday.

This week’s prompt is NOTICE and I thought I would share just observations I’ve had, all kicking off with the prompt word.

Timer is on. Ready. Set. GO

Notice how many tattoos and body piercings are around. Kids want them earlier and earlier. I understand the need for individuality but it seems to me standing out has gone to exremes and has now become the ordinary. And, I’m showing my age. I realize it’s generational.

Notice how the days seem so much longer and the nights seem so much shorter.

Notice in newspapers, foreclosure notices and LLC {business} startups have increased.

Notice how many non-married couples are having babies. Seems like the convention of traditional marriage is slowly eroding.

Notice how restless people are.

Notice the Christmas creep. I thought for awhile I slept through Thanksgiving … only to discover it’s next week.

Notice despite reports the economy is … STOP

… “improving,” more and more people are in need.

Well, that’s some random rambling on the prompt. Notice how I worked that in?

What about you, what have you noticed lately?

Join my friends and I at Kate’s place ( to see the take my writing cohorts have come up with this week.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: God, clear my mind of any negative thoughts today, so I may see the designed plan You have for my life. Amen!

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I'm just an ordinary guy walking along the journey of life.
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19 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Notice

  1. I’ve noticed the more I think of others, the less I think of myself.
    I’ve noticed the more creativity I practice, the more creative I become.
    I’ve noticed the more I try to find the good in every day, the less I feel like the world if bad.
    I’ve noticed the more I focus on joy, the more joyful I am.
    I’ve noticed the less I worry, the more faith I have.
    I’ve noticed the less I think about what others think of me, the more I like who I am.
    I’ve noticed the more I trust God, the stronger my faith becomes.
    I’ve noticed the more I love God, the more I love all people.


  2. ambercadenas says:

    I always enjoy the thoughtfulness of your reflections and observations when I come here, Joe. Even though we have some years between us, I feel what you’re describing with the things you notice about life – it seems to come with age, doesn’t it? And your comments about body piercings and tattoos and the quest for individuality, how it’s become ordinary, seem spot on in many ways. The irony is, I am hoping to get my first tattoo soon, after years of thinking about what would be meaningful enough to permanently ink on my skin. And I have to say, for me, waiting until my 30s to do this (if I do it), the design would be a much truer representation of who I am than anything I’d have done a decade ago. And yet, I wonder if I would think the same ten or twenty or thirty years from now? I honestly can’t say. But you’ve made me think 🙂


    • My grandson is 18 and a Lance Corporal in the Marines. He had a tattoo in Greek for his first one. The second is the Bible Reference Jeremiah 29:11 – the verse inscribed on his aunt, my daughter’s headstone. I think some tattoos are creepy, some even look evil, but I have not opinion about them. We are accountable to God for what we do to our body (or don’t do). I have no desire to get a tattoo or piercing, ,but I’m 60 years old and there are many things I no longer want to do that was important and unique to a 20 year old. 🙂


      • I have nothing against tattoos (although it’s not for me either). I’m just concerned the younger kids are mutilating and inking their bodies on a whim. BTW, you’re still a young chicken. 🙂


    • Thank you for the kind words. I have nothing against tattoos … but they generally are permanent. I just don’t think kids should be mutilating or inking their bodies on a whim. 🙂


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  4. Patty says:

    I always love your words and look for your picture each week to share them. Thank you so much for your thoughts this week. I also notice how many people are alone. How many are wrapped up in their iPhones and their texting and not really communicating. I notice how many aren’t with their families. I notice how many seem to forget the things that are most important of all.


  5. iwillbloom says:

    I’ve noticed how much I love FMF and love reading everyone’s responses to the prompts….so much honesty and love and creativity on display. Its wonderful. One of the highlights of my week (with your ‘thought to remember’ always being a little added, and much appreciated, surprise!)


  6. dbp49 says:

    I’ve noticed the word notice and derivatives thereof appear frequently on this page.
    I’ve noticed I always get your 5-min. Friday post on Tuesday.
    I’ve noticed I always feel pretty good after I’ve read it.
    I’ve noticed that for an introvert I’m talking a lot more these days.
    I’ve noticed that that seems to make my spirit happy.
    I’ve noticed it’s time to say God bless and I’ll read you later.


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  8. Meagan says:

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