Is That Creepy?

My daughter, son-in-law and grandson were visiting last week from Ohio {and they’re coming back this weekend along with my sons and their families from Kentucky and Massachusetts}. We spent some time sitting in the gazebo along with my local daughter, son and daughter-in-law.

Amid the laughter, my younger daughter said something about Mom. I simple stated she better be careful or Mom would smack her in the back of the head. “Remember, she’s right there,” I added, pointing to the urn sitting on the small table next to the glider.

That got us all going again, with my daughter-in-law chiming in about an experience she had while sitting in the gazebo with a friend. It seems, friend was commenting about the roses  — we have a rose bush for each of the grandchildren although I’ll admit I’m a couple behind. Daughter-in-law explained this fact and noted I faithfully brought the urn out each summer, always had at least one rose next to it {lately with bounty from the bushes}, a weekly postcard and a daily cartoon tucked under a coaster.

Friend apparently thought that was sweet … until she glanced at the urn.

urnNow, most of you know, there isn’t one urn. There are two — one for Karen and one for me. Karen picked them out before she died and they sit next to each other in interlocking circles. Her “home” is occupied but mine is not except for my name and birth date.

Friend apparently thought that arrangement was “creepy.” I mean, to sit out there every day and look at my final resting place was … well, “creepy.”

I certainly don’t think so, but what do you think? Is it a little creepy? Or quirky? Let me know!

As the conversation morphed that early evening, the question arose as to what was going to happen after I die. I already have a spot lined up, but where are the two of us going to take up permanent residence?

I chimed in, “with you guys, of course. I figured we’d spend a couple of months with Joe and Nic, who can send us off to Dee and Mike, then visit with Mandi and Scott, back with Cole, then with Jay and Monica. We’ll just keep pestering you guys.”

With giggles and laughter, they asked how we were going to get from point A to point B, to which I answered, “Just stick us in a box and ship us.”

Now, I didn’t think that was funny or weird, but the kids had a different take. Hardly spitting the words out while laughing they formed this image of Mom and Dad in a box marked “This Side Up”. I don’t remember which one of them said it, but added, “Can you imagine the look on the postal clerk’s face when they ask if there is anything perishable or flammable or fragile inside, and the response is ‘No, it’s just Mom and Dad.'”

This should be an interesting weekend with all five of them here contributing to the conversations and memories.

In retrospect, I can see the shipping image myself. I hope I don’t start laughing in my urn when that happens.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Our life is the creation of our mind.

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7 Responses to Is That Creepy?

  1. mzkoko78 says:

    :-)… I don’t like the word creepy, so I’ll say “interesting”. I think it’s neat that you take the time to do this every summer (not too sure that I’d put my own, but hey…), I like that though. I also appreciate the beauty of laughter. Nothing like family time. Blessings!


  2. spanishwoods says:

    If I have the relationship with my kids when they are grown that you have with your kids now, I will die a very happy person. Not creepy….enviable.


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