Five Minute Friday — Lost

Here we are. Another Friday. Another installment of Five Minute Friday courtesy of Lisa Jo Baker ( and her crew.

It’s here where we focus on a prompt word and just let the words flow freely for five minutes {more or less}. The emphasis is on the word focus, but the intent is to let the mind do its thing through the fingers.

So, here we go. The time is set. The prompt is LOST

I don’t get lost. In fact, I don’t think I ever got lost. Oh, I’ve certainly taken some scenic routes … some unintentioned longcuts … and some detours. I even remember going around literally in circles, passing the same house and the same cow three times before finally figuring out I should turn left instead of right. But each trip allowed me to see that house with different shadows and the cow … okay, the cow just stood there seemingly motionless chewing its cud and probably chuckling, “This yokel is lost.”

And I’ve found myself telling the kids to “roll ’em up” a time or two — especially that one time in Detroit — and my wife telling me a time or two to stop and ask for directions. Hush, woman.

See, each time I was never lost. I was just on my own adventure.

My navigational skills mirror my life experiences as well. I’m very comfortable with my relationship with the Lord to know I am never lost. Sure, I have been weakened, beaten and bewildered by life and its twists and turns, but I’ve always known there was a better navigator … STOP

… than I in control. And sometimes, it is precisely because I try to take the helm that I lose direction. I have to let go and let God and He pulls me out of the funk. He calms the spirit which calms the storm. He allows me to set the sails to benefit from the wind. He points me in the right direction {even if I don’t always immediately listen}.

The other day, I heard a brief online sermon {I wish I could remember what blog it was on}. The pastor said he had a dream he was on a bicycle — a tandem bicycle — with the Lord as his passenger. And he pedaled and fought the wind and navigated through traffic until the Lord asked him to trade places. The Lord took over and the pastor went to the back seat. It gave him the chance to look at the scenery, to enjoy the ride, but after awhile, he felt a little guilty and asked the Lord what he should do. “Just pedal” was the simple answer.

And it truly is the simple answer for this Friday exercise.

THOUGH TO REMEMBER: Things happen for a reason because God has a plan for your life. Keep your faith and His light will shine in your life.

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