Wednesday Writing XI

Well, it’s Wednesday {already} and time to add to our collaborative community story.

We’re following a flashback of our main character, Samantha.

Here’s where we left off.

We talked for awhile, figuring out how we were going to tell our parents, figuring out where we would live, fantasizing about our future together. Around 10, I went into the bathroom and walked out in my negligee. It admittedly did not stay on very long and this time it felt right, very right…

Chapter Four

The first thing Chad and I had to face was our parents. We went to my house first.

As we walked in the house, I called Mom from the kitchen and Dad from his upstairs workshop. When they gathered in the living room, I announced, “Mom, Daddy, Chad and I got married.”

It seemed like forever before either of them said anything, although it really was just a matter of seconds. Mom broke the silence.

“You did what? When? Where? What were you two thinking?” she asked in her usual animated manner. And before I could answer, she continued, “No! No! This is wrong! This is wrong! Are you pregnant?”

“No, Mom. I’m not pregnant ad this isn’t wrong!” I responded.

“How could you do this to us?” she continued, oblivious to my words. She then looked directly at Chad and said, “How could you do this? How could you take advantage of my daughter?”

“Mom,” I interjected. “This was our decision, not Chad’s, ours.”

“And what am I supposed to tell everybody? My daughter got married and didn’t care enough to tell me.”

“Mom, listen to yourself. Why do you always have to be the center of attention. Can’t you be happy for us?”

“No,” she said. “This is a mistake you’ll regret for the rest of you life. After all we’ve done for you. You’re so ungrateful.”

Tears were pouring from my eyes as she turned away with her hands raised.

Daddy stepped in. He was certainly shaken by the news, but gave me a tearful hug and whispered, “I’ll talk to Mom. I’ll make her understand. We went through this exact same thing. We eloped just before I was deployed to Korea.” That was a story I had never heard before.

Then he gave me a bigger hug and said, “Congratulations! I love you. Don’t ever forget that.” And he turned to Chad with an outstretched hand that evolved into a hug. “Welcome to the family, as crazy as it is. You just better make sure you take care of my little girl.”

“I will, sir,” Chad responded.

“Have you told your folks yet?” Dad continued and when we told him they were next, he shooed us out the door. “Go. I’ll take care of things here.”

The ride to Chad’s house was quiet. I was replaying the scene at my house over and over in my mind while Chad tried to calm me down. “We’ve got each other, right?” he would say. “Hey, I love you … No regrets.”

Chad led the way into his house and called his Mom and Dad. The scene was eerily similar yet distinctively different. “Mom. Dad. I want to introduce you to my wife, Samantha Watt.”

His Mom started to cry but without the histrionics reached out to me and grabbed my hand. “Let me see that ring,” she said. “Welcome.” Then she turned to Chad and gave him a playful punch in the arm. “You could have warned me,” she said. His Dad was a little more reserved at first, but quickly warmed up. “Congratulations, you two. I never would have thought you would just run off.” He put his arm around his wife. As she looked up at him, he asked if my parents knew. When we related the story, he said “I’ll give Joe a call.” His Mom asked who else knew.

So many questions … so few answers…

There you go, readers. What’s next?

All you have to do is put down your thoughts and get them to me. You can post your ideas as comments on the blog – but remember everyone will see them, so the “surprise” factor might get lost – or you can e-mail me directly at Each Wednesday I will continue the story on the blog, along with that week’s attribution and periodically update Reveille/Between the Lakes readers.

I hope we can have some fun with this.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: You have been chosen and set apart before the foundation of the world.

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