Rainy Days and Rainbows

I watched The Good Witch’s Charm  last night. I had TiVoed it last fall, but it sort of got of lost in my queue.

It is a typical Hallmark flick. To bring you up to speed, Good Witch Cassie Nightingale (Catherine Bell) is back to her bewitching ways, but this time she’s also juggling a newborn daughter and her job as town mayor. With such a busy schedule she and her husband, town Sheriff Jake Russell (Chris Potter), aren’t getting much sleep. Hoping for a break, Cassie plans a much needed vacation with her new family. But things go awry when a crime wave sweeps through town and an investigative reporter (Geordie Johnson) tries to ruin Cassie’s image after a video of her magically disappearing turns up on the Internet.

To make matters worse, Cassie’s estranged foster mother (Janet-Laine Green) appears in town and Cassie’s stepdaughter (Hannah Endicott-Douglas) is suddenly accused of the recent robberies. Supported by her loyal family and friends, Cassie must rely on her signature charm to put a stop to the rumors before they completely destroy the town and a Good Witch’s reputation!

In Hallmark fashion, the story is neatly wrapped up in less than two hours and is the last in a five-part Good Witch series including The Good Witch, The Good Witch’s Garden, The Good Witch’s Gift and The Good Witch’s Family. This series offers friendly themes that celebrate relationships, family and communication. Cassie’s ability to see the good in everyone has surprising results for a few of the characters and speaks to the healing power of treating others with respect.

The family vacation goes on the rocks. But Sheriff Russell plans a substitute camping trip. That brings what I thought was the most memorable line of the film. Cassie says, “It may rain during the entire camping trip, but we’ll always remember the rainbows.”

Life often careens off course. Bad things happen. Relationships are tested. Expectations fail. And it’s certainly easy to focus on those. However, if you look beneath the surface, like Cassie, you start to see the good in each and every situation. As I said last time, get in the habit of filling your mind with praise and thanksgiving and expecting good things. When setbacks and disappointments occur, as they will, you will be conditioned and prepared to say, “I know God is about to turn this around. It may be difficult, but this, too, shall pass. It’s only temporary.”

Some people remember the rain, but I like to remember the rainbows.

Remember the rainbows!

By the way, the Hallmark Channel is planning to re-run The Good Witch’s Gift, The Good Witch’s Family and The Good Witch’s Charm March 24. If you get a chance, I would recommend you watch them or tape them. But, don’t forget about them for five months … as I did.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Cleanse your mind and put it on a healthier diet.

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