Super Ads …

I don’t know if I’m getting older or whether my interest level in yesterday’s Super Bowl just wasn’t there. The game itself — which should be the focus — actually was pretty good, especially after San Francisco put on a second half surge and was on the brink of overtaking the Ravens in the last minutes of play. It all came down to Baltimore’s defense against San Fran’s offense … and the Ravens prevailed.

But the game has become secondary to spectacle. I won’t even go into the halftime “extravaganzas” which seem to get worse and worse each year. Beyonce was no exception. The show was all sex and sizzle, all oooooohhh, aaaaaaah and hair throwing. The nicest thing I can say is it was better — not by much — than Madonna last year and we didn’t have a wardrobe malfunction despite an abundance of skin.

The commercials have also been a — pardon the pun — selling point. I don’t think the advertisers got their money’s worth this year. In my opinion, there was just one standout commercial — and except for a few second tag at the end, you would never have known who paid the big bucks.

I’m talking about Paul Harvey’s talk over on visuals extolling the virtues of farmers and farming. I was drawn into the commercial and intently followed each frame. It was by far, the best commercial during the Super Bowl. But who paid the piper?

Chrysler Ram.

There were a couple of product placements embedded in the ad, but two of them were shots of the pick up bed with the tailgate down. It wasn’t until the final 10 seconds when we discovered it was the Ram truck “for the farmer in all of us” followed by the signature Guts Glory Ram.

I thought the Doritos ads were entertaining. The saga of the goat was good, but the second quarter ad showing a father getting sucked into her daughter’s princess party with the promise of the cheesy Doritos was better, especially when his macho buddies joined in.

Others that caught my attention included Jeep’s salute to the military; the Tide commercial eliminating the Joe Montana stain; the Budweiser Clydesdale brotherhood commercial; Chiefs select Leon Sandcastle (which was an NFL Network slot); Got Milk?; and Sketchers. The Coca Cola chase was the best interactive spot but I don’t know who eventually collected the Coke. The most tasteless ad was Go Daddy’s mouthy kiss in the first quarter, witgh the Gildan ad coming in a close second. I just didn’t get many of the other ones.

What did you think of this year’s Super Bowl ads? Worth the money or duds?

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Happiness is an inside-out proposition. If you aren’t happy with yourself, you will never be able to find joy in each and every day.

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