I was driving the other day and spotted a 1949 Dodge parked in front of business. I actually had a 1950 Dodge — well, I bought it for Karen so technically, it was hers although she preferred the maneuverability of my Corvair so I ended up driving it quite a bit. So, naturally, when I saw this car on the side of road, it piqued my interest. I pulled over and just walked around it, reliving some good old days. My was jet black … this was was a … a … a … sort of red, but not really … darker than pink … oh, it was in the red family anyway.

I had my fix, but as I drove a couple of miles down the road, there sat a 1956 Chrysler New Yorker. I didn’t stop, although 1956 was a good year. This one was more of a peach color.

When I stopped at my daughter’s, she remarked most of her cars were white. It got me to thinking. Where was our fashion sense back in the 50s and 60s? Some of the colors we choose were kind of … I don’t know what they were.

Remember these?

Untitled attachment 00097Untitled attachment 00034
Untitled attachment 00112Untitled attachment 00016It wasn’t just cars. Appliances, tiling, flooring and even clothes had more of a pastel hue than vibrant, deep colors.

I owned a lot of vehicles over the years, but I never succumbed to pastel. Most of them were white — okay, off white because of the dirt and grime — but most had bold accent colors — a deep red on the Silver Hawk, royal blue on my Chevy and jet black on my 68 Plymouth Fury. I had a few black ones — the Dodge, a 56 Chevy, a 57 Caddy and a Renault Daphine. I had a couple of blue ones — my first car, a 56 two tone blue Dodge, and my icy blue Corvair. There were some hunter green wheels — like my Buick Riviera and my current Subaru Outback. There is my little red Ford truck. There was a gray Falcon and 63 Ford and a yellow (faded but originally bright) Mitsubishi pick up. There was a purple VW Bug I bought for my wife which is currently being rebuilt by my son and grandson.

The worst colored car I owned was a 1970 pea green Dodge wagon, most memorable for rusted floorboards. But it did get us from New Jersey to Illinois. My dad’s 1953 Plymouth was also pea green, although lighter than the Dodge and, technically, I never really drove it.

What about you? What colors of the rainbow did you drive?

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Remember the good things God has done, and faith will fill your heart.

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2 Responses to Colors

  1. Cathy Marcuccilli says:

    Here are my car colors: first car – Dodge Aspen, sort of maroon, Nissan Sentra in taupe, Honda Accord in metallic green, two Toyota Siennas in succession, each in a tan/metallic sand color. Never really thought about this before – interesting to consider,


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