Moving Day

Today was moving day. No, I’m not going anywhere. It was the day I moved Karen back inside. I actually would have waited about another week or so but the high winds we are expecting prompted me to reconsider.

For those of you who don’t know the history, Karen and I {mostly Karen} dealt with most end of life issues while she was still with us. She picked out our urns — matching bronze side by side connected by interlocking circles —- and we made pre-planning funeral arrangements. What we didn’t do was decide on a final resting place. Karen wanted me to pick a spot so the kids could ultimately visit if they so desired. I wasn’t willing to do anything so … permanent.

So, after she died, I made a special place for her on the mantel of our electric fireplace. And I purchased a gazebo {after a disaster trying to build one myself}, and each spring since, I moved her outside. Each fall, she would return inside for the winter and so on.

Each morning, I go either outside or into the living room to have my coffee and breakfast with Red. I still continue to share a cartoon. And I have laughed with her, cried with her and talked to her. She may not be with me in the flesh, but I sense her spirit — and her counsel — even after four years.

On special occasions, I’ve been known to bring her along with me. We went to the Jersey shore to watch a late October sunrise over the Atlantic. That first Thanksgiving weekend included a trip to Illinois.

This is still her “home” so I’m comfortable with the decision I’ve made. If the kids or grandkids want to spend some time with her, she’s here. And when I’m gone, my ashes will rest next to her and I’ll leave the decision of where we permanently settle up to the kids.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: The easy thing is to play it safe. But be strong and follow what God has put in your heart

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