Being Rich

I saw a cartoon today where a lady in curlers and bathrobe says to her husband, “I’ve decided I’d like to be rich.” He responds, “What kinda rich? Rich as in wealthy, or rich in spirit, or rich as in ‘the rich taste of a good cup of coffee’?”

Next frame. She says, “Hmmm. Could I be all of those?” He adds, “I guess you could …”

Last frame. She says, “Well, I don’t want to be greedy …so I’ll just choose the one with lots of money.”

It’s a common tale. We all want the “one with lots of money,” perhaps because we equate richness with money … happiness with the independence money brings. There is a long history of people who bought into that lifestyle and found out too late it just wasn’t true. They had the money, but they never found the happiness.

Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with money and I wouldn’t balk at padding my bank accounts with cash. But, I, at least, don’t covet “lots of money.” I would like to be comfortable and able to splurge once in awhile without worrying about the consequences. But I don’t covet lots of money.

I do covet being rich in spirit. But what does that mean?

I think it is the skills, the fullness of life experience, relationships and children and grandchildren and using those to build an “inner” wealth, an “inner” well being. Or, in other words, being satisfied with what I have.

I bet if you list your skills, life experiences and relationships — even flawed relationships — you’ll find a level of satisfaction in what you have and had.

Don’t be afraid to dream. But be satisfied with what you have.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: You don’t need people in your life who try to limit you.

About wisdomfromafather

I'm just an ordinary guy walking along the journey of life.
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