It’s the economy

I’m sorry, President Obama, I thought the economy was getting better but, alas, I was wrong … and I have some very unscientific research to back up my conclusions.

You see, I haven’t found a penny in parking lots in weeks.

Don’t laugh. That little piece of copper is a good indicator of the economy. When people think they’re doing okay financially, when they drop a penny they think nothing of leaving the errant coin where it falls. And others can’t be bothered to stoop and pick it up, so they continually pass them by.

I’ve become somewhat of an economic expert based on my penny watching over the years. Back in the boon years, nary a day went by without my coming across a penny or two … or even a nickel, dime and occasional quarter (a bonanza!). I remember the day I found an unscratched scratch-off that yielded 20 bucks when I cleared off the silver strips.

Then everything fell apart and my coming across an errant penny became less frequent. Other coin? Forget about it!

I got excited a few months back, though. After six or seven months of no reward in the parking lots, I actually came across a shiny — okay, beaten battered and encrusted in mud — penny. The next day, another. A couple days later, another. Over the next three weeks, my penny jar swelled  by about 15 cents!

Yeah! The economy was turning around!

But that was six weeks ago. Day by day. Week by week. Nothing. No pennies. That little spurt was an aberration.

So, sorry President O. The economy just hasn’t improved. But I’ll keep looking for the pennies.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Guilt will steal your joy.

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I'm just an ordinary guy walking along the journey of life.
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