Made in Jersey


I tuned into Made in Jersey {more accurately TiVoed it}, probably more because I was made in Jersey and thought the show might have promise. It didn’t. In fact the story about a street-smart sassy girl from Hoboken making it at a prestigious New York City law firm officially became the first casualty of the new TV season. CBS pulled the plug after just two episodes.

This show showed what is wrong with television. There was nothing innovative about it, the characters were stereotyped and it had more holes than a piece of Swiss cheese. I couldn’t figure how Martina Garretti (Janet Montgomery) got from Hoboken to New York City. I know it’s just a ferry ride, but somehow Martina’s role as a prosecutor was weaved into the storyline, bringing her to Trenton. That, my friends, is a long way from New York City and Hoboken, even by New Jersey standards. The accent wasn’t really “Jersey.” And her family — mom and two sisters — got in the way.

So, if you missed it, well … you didn’t miss much. But it’s too bad because Jersey gets a bad rap living in the shadow of New York City … and this just played into it.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: You can’t do anything about your past, but you can do something about your future.


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1 Response to Made in Jersey

  1. scooter says:

    Look at the brightside, they still have the Jets! 🙂

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