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Dare to Dream

I do not have a vivid imagination. I think that is part of the reason it has taken me two years to write a novel…and the writing continues! I am just not good at letting my imagination roam. I prefer … Continue reading

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A Christmas of Hope

I love Christmas! The lights. The decorations. The pretty packages and shiny bows. The homemade ornaments. The cheesy movies. The cookies. Oh, how I love the cookies! It all makes me happy. Well, everything except the cold, snow, and music. … Continue reading

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The Blessing

I have heard a million times that “Life is not perfect” and this is accurate. We face very real problems every day. We all have our “why me” moments – the kids cry, the laundry piles up, the dog is … Continue reading

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Every Family Tells a Story

Every Monday, dad would whip up a special “Words of the Week” post to get our week started. I am not as good at finding special quotes or funny comics so I will have to rely on my siblings for … Continue reading

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I Promise

Hi – Nicolle here. I am the 4th born of the five misfits. I will not claim favoritism because well, let’s face it – the older kids think they have that title. I was always taught to take the higher … Continue reading

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Conclude… Well, isn’t this an interesting word? I have read my dad’s Five Minute Friday posts for quite some time and I have threatened to join – but never did. Dad is probably smirking right now as I write this. … Continue reading

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Everyone is Welcome

Everyone is welcome. That is what my late father would say. He was the kind of guy who opened his heart and his home to everyone. He shared his life, his struggles, his joys, and his stories…all in hopes that … Continue reading

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