Root Beer Floats

My siblings always joke around about my lack of memory. I don’t know why, but I just don’t remember much from my childhood. But one thing I can’t forget is the beloved root beer float!

Dad was the master of making root beer floats. Mom was the best at making orange julius. Movie nights were legit in our home! The key to a good root beer float is to use a tall glass (because more ice cream…) and pour the root beer in slowly so that it gets good and foamy on top. It is kind of fun to see how much root beer you can pour in until the foam overflows too. Every kid does it {and some adults} so have plenty of napkins handy. You’ve been warned.

As you start sipping the root beer, be careful the fizz doesn’t tickle your nose, and be certain to add more as you start eating the ice cream, which will get nice and creamy when mixed with the root beer (Pro tip: Use good ice cream. This is not the time to skimp!). I remember exchanging glances with my brother and giggling as I added more root beer to my glass – until I got caught by mom. She believed in moderation. I took dad’s stance with desserts and gladly owned my tummy aches!

Simple memories are always good and bring a smile to my face – even though they may be few and far between. Trust me when I tell you my siblings do a great job at filling me in on the things I don’t remember. I am just not always sure what they are telling me is true. They are pranksters too – especially the pesky boys.

As we get this week started, we thought it would be fun to remember some of the simple pleasures from days gone by – you know, before spouses, kids, and bills! We have compiled a few of our favorite memories and we will be sharing them on Instagram throughout the week. That’s right – Wisdom 2.5 is now on Insta @Wisdom_2.5!! We are super excited to share some more of our thoughts and lives in the visual world of IG, so be sure to follow. We will be linking our blogs, but also contributing some different content in that space. I have a pet peeve about using the same content on all social media outlets so you can be sure you will see new, fresh content here.  

I know root beer floats are not terribly special, but this simple treat represents many fun memories around our kitchen table. We can’t wait to hear some of your special memories too, so hop on over to IG and let the memories commence!

~ D 😊

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1 Response to Root Beer Floats

  1. Memories might disappear,
    like leaking, sinking boats,
    but hold tight to what you hold dear,
    and remember root beer floats.
    Write them own, the simple things,
    share them if you can
    and give them new bright-feathered wings,
    for thus is measured Man
    by what is held as legacy,
    by treasure of the heart,
    so, my friend, with urgency
    prepare and play your part
    to keep alive the living stories
    the quiet times that are life’s glories.


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