This is the first time I am writing in the Five Minute Friday group. Don’t have a clue what I am doing really, but I’ll figure it out!

It helps having reference points that were left by my father. He describes the Five Minute Friday’s like this and I have to admit, I too already… ummmm fudged “the rules” a little.

…it’s a chance for a group of dedicated writers to get together weekly to write on a one word prompt for five minutes. Nothing fancy. Nothing too deep [unless that’s the direction we writers are convicted to do]. Technically, no edits — including spelling and grammar — although I’m sure we all fudge on that one. I know I do. When I just let my fingers wander, they often can’t keep up with my free range mind and the gibberish on the screen needs deciphering. And we do it all in five minutes! [Well, that’s the goal, although I’ve been known to go a tad beyond at times.]

So, without further ado… my very first Five Minute Friday post – TIME.


It’s an interesting concept the construct of time.

We enjoy time, lament time, take time, waste time.

We govern our lives by time. Try to do things in time on time, after a time or even just in time. We schedule time. Morning time, night time, work time, play time,

…my favorites are nap time and coffee time.

When we are young we are oblivious to time. As we grow older, we take time for granted, waste time, become pressed for time, and in time wonder where the it has gone.

There are times we look forward to, dread, miss, remember times that brought us joys and sorrows…

…and yet, the mystery of time eludes our understanding.

There is, however, one most glorious time.

An underappreciated time.

A time that stills for a time.


…when you realize that all the mysteries, wonders, glory, truths and promises believed in from the Creator of time, are about to be revealed to a loved one whose hand you hold, who’s tears you shed

as you feel their heart beat,

…for the last time.

dedicated to the man who means so much to so many. we love you, miss you. we have been so incredibly blessed to have known you.

A donation fund has been set up to help pay for final expenses and can be made by clicking HERE

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6 Responses to …time

  1. Sabrina says:

    Could not agree with your post more. Time is the most amazing gift we are given and we spend all of our time doing all that you mentioned.


  2. netablogs says:

    Great post! And yes, it’s really hard to imagine that time when all we believe and hope for will be revealed to us. When we step out of this time and into forever time. It’s hard to say goodbye to loved ones, but comforting to know we will meet again.


  3. Bruce says:

    Your writing is just fine Scott. By the way, Joe and I were classmates in high school. I didn’t know Joe that well back then, but when I stumbled across his blog online, I learned more about Joe by reading his writing. The title of one of Joe’s posts was Just Write. I completely agree. No matter what someone does in life, they seem to become more proficient at what they do. The old adage: Practice makes perfect. I simply write from my heart and spirit, and the words seem to flow.

    So, follow Joe’s advice: Just write.



  4. Loretta says:

    For someone who doesn’t know what they are doing you aced it 😊 welcome to the community. Lovely post. Lovely photo of you and your dad. God bless. Visiting from fmf #6 (I have no idea either what I am doing but through God’s spirit and grace it comes together)


  5. TamrahJo says:

    Your dad forgave me for not posting, and just, instead, commenting — – “Time: I’m so glad you and other’s in your family have taken the time to write here on his blog. My deepest condolences to you on your loss from ‘this place’ in time & space.


  6. Nap time & coffee time are 2 of my faves too!


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