Everyone is Welcome

Everyone is welcome.

That is what my late father would say. He was the kind of guy who opened his heart and his home to everyone. He shared his life, his struggles, his joys, and his stories…all in hopes that his words might help others find strength, inspiration, hope, or just provide a little comfort when things didn’t feel quite right.

He was a talented writer, constantly perfecting his craft. When he started his blog, I remember him telling me for the first time in his life he struggled with the right words. I laughed at him and told him he had to be joking! He went on to explain that the blog was a whole new world for him. You see, he had always known his audience and therefore knew how to best assemble a message so that it had the greatest opportunity to impact the reader. He asked me, “Who reads blogs? What kinds of things should I write about?” I told him I didn’t know who would read it or what their personal circumstances would be, but if he was going to start a blog, he should just be real, take a chance, and put his story out there. The worst thing that could happen would be that nobody would find value in his words. If that happened, he could find a different platform to share on. 

Thankfully, my father took the chance, set fear aside, and started this site. His words touched many, and with his blog there was no limit or boundary. He simply stayed true and shared stories with the world. I am grateful he did, because my father’s words obviously influenced so many. We have heard stories of how he helped people out of dark times. We have heard how he inspired people he never met to take a chance on being better than they thought was possible. His words–his stories–his way.

None of us expected the outpouring of love and support from strangers with dad’s passing. It was amazing, and honestly provided us strength as we walked through a difficult time. This outpouring of support from people that found value in his words spawned an idea and several conversations in our family chat room. Simply summed up, we all determined if there is value in the stories and perspectives offered, we would continue to post as Wisdom 2.5…two parents, 5 kids…continuing dads dream to reach people with words in hopes it has value and changes lives. 

I don’t know who will read this blog any more now than they did when my father first asked me about starting this. All I can do is listen to the same words I told him…be real, take the chance, and put our story out there.

~ Joe Jr.

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11 Responses to Everyone is Welcome

  1. Dear family of Wisdom 2.5:

    As I told Kate Motaung the day she told us about your father, “This is unnerving. I was just putting his books on my book shelf of “authors I know and love”. The writing community has lost a beloved fellow writer. I am sad that his grandchildren will never hear him read his Christmas book again. I just read it a couple weeks ago. So sad.”

    I ‘met’ your father through his writing at 5 Minute Friday. I was immediately attracted to his gentle wisdom. I could tell his heart and his mind belonged to Jesus. I became an instant follower.

    I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine losing my father so sudden and unexpectedly. I thank God that his is now with your mom and they are in heaven together.

    Be blessed and encouraged.



  2. Hi Joe Jr. Nice to meet you and your siblings. I met your dad through The Five Minute Friday group too. As, I replied to Deanna’s post the other day, I look forward to following Wisdom 2.5.


  3. Amie says:

    I met your father through Five Minute Friday and looked forward to his post as a face I recognized and remembered. Funny story about his picture: it took me longer than I’d like to admit to realize “father” meant he was a parent and not a priest. Somehow, after months of reading his posts, I still hadn’t realized that white collar was a dress shirt and not a clergy collar. Ha ha. His warmth and welcoming spirit was a beautiful expression of paternal love. Best to your family in this difficult time.



  4. Sandra K Stein says:

    Happy you are going to continue the blog. Wisdom 2.5 sounds perfect.


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