Strong Women … and a Hug

I’ve been blessed. Throughout my life, I have been surrounded by strong women. They had to be. They had to deal with me.

My grandmother was always a rock and inspiration who never judged. laughed at my jokes, encouraged me. My mom guided me through my first 21 years, helping me build a solid foundation. She, too, laughed at my jokes and encouraged me. Although I was her only son and she sometimes fought the urge to hold on, I think she secretly was happy to hand me over to Karen, my wife of 40 years who had the unenviable task of transforming me from a happy-go-lucky, wanderlust-driven dreaming kid with big ideas and little resources into a happy-go-lucky, wanderlust-driven dreaming adult, albeit still with big ideas and little resources. She laughed {and sometimes groaned} at my jokes, followed me from state to state to state to state to state without complaint, and always encouraged my dreams, schemes, and, most of all, me.

And then there is Sonni. Mary Lee Hendrickson Sampson. After Karen died, Sonni and I became very close friends. She was the salve that helped heal a broken heart — not repair it, not fill it, not replace it. She learned from experience as a widow and took me under her wing.

I thought of her today, her earthly birthday. I miss Sonni. I miss her laugh. I miss her words. I miss her guidance. I miss her unconditional friendship.

Most of all, I miss her hugs. She believed in the therapeutic magic of a hug … not a small hug, but a deep down, from your soul hug. A Sonni hug!

As my mind wandered, I wondered how she would be handling the new pandemic rules. As health conscious as she was, she probably would be sequestering in place as much as possible and always wear a mask. I’m not sure she would subscribe to the social distancing mandates and I know she would break all the rules if prompted to give a hug. Hugs were her specialty.

My mind’s eye paints a picture of Karen and Sonni sitting there in heaven chatting, Sonni with her Diet Pepsi and Karen with her water turned into exquisite wine. I can see them laughing at the foolish things I say and do without their physical sphere of influence. I see them taking turns proverbially whacking me in the back of the head when I REALLY do or say something foolish.

But today I also see a choir of celestial angels singing a chorus of Happy Birthday. And I’ll join in with her husband Scott, her family past and present, Karen and her friends on both sides of the everlasting plane in singing and toasting you.

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Sonni! Happy, Happy Birthday you!

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: You can choose courage or you can choose comfort. You cannot have both. — Brene Brown 

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2 Responses to Strong Women … and a Hug

  1. Deanna says:

    So nice was so sweet. I imagine she’d still still find a way to hug and encourage people too!

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