Five Minute Friday — Cancel

Here’s this week’s installment of Five Minute Friday. You might remember the task is to write for five minutes on a specific prompt word. The initiative was started by Lisa-Jo Baker  who thought about writing and how often our perfectionism gets in the way of our words. She figured, why not take five minutes and see what comes out: not a perfect post, not a profound post, just five minutes of focused writing. She turned over the reins to Kate Motaung, where our faithful writers continue to write and share their words with others at our special place at Just start at the Community section.

As an extra enticement, I’ve been using testimonials about the group and the exercise from other members as collected in Five Minute Friday: A Collection of Stories Written in Five Flat compiled by Susan Shipe. This week’s it’s Somer. I encourage you to listen to the words and visit Kate and her wonderful corps of writers … and maybe be inspired to join in!

“Five Minute Fridays is like an open sketch pad for free flowing thoughts, words and life pictures to collide. It is permission to ponder a simple word, play with the word in your mind, and then place it into the framework of your life. Five Minute Fridays is an exercise in creativity, community and courage. Courage to put yourself out there. Even in small ways and have other creative, courageous people uncover life with you. FMF was like entering a creative workshop late on Thursday nights and letting your imagination and memories create the colors you want to recreate and paint ideas to others. FMF is a kaleidoscope of personality and life experiences. One word is the starting point and where does it take everyone? Sometimes you are taken to the exact same places as others and sometimes you smile at the trail others took with the same short word. It is an exercise in variety and diversity of life experience and thought.”

The word prompt this week was CANCEL — appropriate for the times we are currently living in. But I took it a step forward to a time when I do want to see the word CANCEL. The timer has been set, so let’s go …

I dreamed I was taking my last breath. As I exhaled out of this realm, my soul rose  through the celestial skies. I was greeted by a sage angel/saint who handed me a simple, bulging file folder and escorted me down a long hall. At the door, he bowed and directed me to enter.

Inside there was a towering figure, so bright I could hardly see Him although I knew He was the Father. To His right was a younger man I identified immediately as Jesus although He didn’t fit the stereotype etched into my earthly mind. Above Them was a Cloud, a radiant cloud, enveloping both of Them to form one cohesive ultra bright image.

The Father reached out for the file folder and took it. He directed me to turn around as He thumbed through the pages.When I turned I saw my life. I saw the good deeds I had done, but unfortunately I saw the not so good deeds I had done. I heard the curse words. I saw the instances … STOP

when I fell into earthly traps. I saw my sin, seemingly overpowering the good. I turned back and held my head in shame. The Father had handed the file to His Son. “Do you know My Son?” He asked.

In a whisper I answered, “Yes I do …” but my words were cut off as the Father turned to Jesus. “Do You know this  man?” He asked.

“I do, very well,” He answered.

The Father instructed me to turn around again and look at the diorama of my life. Only this time, there were no sinful actions hidden amongst the good deeds. In fact, there were other new scenes depicted where my life apparently touched someone else’s unbeknowst to me. I saw other lives change. I saw ramifications — positive ramifications — from my thoughts and prayers.

Bewildered at the change in the memory, I turned back as the Father handed me the file folder. What was bulging with years and years of notes was reduced to a single page. On it were two words emblazoned in blood red — DEBT CANCELED.

“Well done, good and faithful servant,” the Father said.”Welcome home,” added Jesus. The Cloud engulfed me in a wave of peace.

That’s the message I want circulated when I do exhale my last earthly breath. DEBT CANCELED.



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11 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Cancel

  1. Hopeful50 says:

    Hallelujah, Joe. Hallelujah. #7


  2. Perhaps my debts are washed away,
    and my sin will not persist;
    I’d be glad, but have to say
    it’s a bloody awful list
    of times I might have given grace
    and mercy to the foe,
    but I did not, and have to face
    that which God says I owe.
    “With prejudice” is a meme
    that some will use for fun,
    but they’ve not seen what I have seen
    from behind a gun,
    and so I guess we’re gonna see
    just what will become of me.


  3. says:

    What a future experience to ponder — there is no fear in love. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Carol says:

    You have painted a picture of judgement and grace. Oh, the joy of that moment with the words “debt canceled”.


  5. Bruce says:

    Hi Joe….In the dream, what occurred was what is referred to as a life review. The life review is not meant to condemn anyone. Sometimes, in our lives, we may have regrets about something we have done in the past. But we can’t go back into the past and change the outcome. But we can review a past experience to learn something positive, as in moving forward, and hopefully not repeating the same mistake again. We are imperfect creatures living in an imperfect world. From a spiritual perspective, we are not expected to be perfect. We are expected to do the best we can with our human lives. Sometimes we succeed, and sometimes we fail.

    In my estimation, the ending of the dream means don’t worry, everything will be alright. Remember that to err is human, but to forgive is divine.


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  6. Sandra K Stein says:

    Wow, great post! I also liked what Somer had to say about FMF.
    Thanks for sharing.
    (Visiting from #36)


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