Five Minute Friday — Vote

Time for Five Minute Friday!

Five Minute Friday is an opportunity to focus on a prompt word for five minutes (more or less), write a pithy (or sometimes not so pithy) post, share it with others at our Community page on Facebook,  and sit back and enjoy other posts from other writers. It’s an exercise that keeps your mind sharp … and introduces you to a world of thought on the prompt from the other talented participants. It’s free. It’s easy (okay, not always). It’s addictive (in a good way). You should visit and check it out or — better yet — join in the fun of expressing yourself!

I’ve been using testimonials about the group and the exercise from other members as collected in Five Minute Friday: A Collection of Stories Written in Five Minutes Flat compiled  by Susan Shipe. This week it’s Charlotte. I encourage you to listen to the words and visit our wonderful corps of writers … and maybe be inspired to join in!

“For me FMF is a way to write freely. to write openly and honestly. It gives me joy. It’s a highlight of my week. It makes me think, it stretches my imagination. It fills my heart with happiness. It gives me a chance to see the point of view of others. It gives me a chance to ‘meet’ like-minded writers. FMF is a wonderful outlet for creativity.”

This week’s prompt is VOTE. The timer is set, so let’s GO …

I was reminded of a Last Man Standing segment from eight years ago {thank God for reruns}. Mike Baxter was having a discussion with his middle daughter about voting. Mandy had indicated she was going to skip voting because, at the time, Mike would get mad if she voted for Obama and older sister Kristin would get mad if she voted for Romney. So she decided not to make anyone angry and not vote, although she admitted she was leaning toward Obama. {That exchange was hilarious.}

With less than a half hour before the polls closed, Mike insisted she get to the polls and told her to get her coat and he would drive her to the polls. Mandy protested. “I told you who I was going to vote for.” But Mike answers, “I want you to stand up, sweetheart, for what you believe in …”

That’s what I am asking as well to all my family, friends, and followers. Stand up for what you believe. If you believe in Trump and feel he should get a chance to continue, … STOP

vote Republican. If you think it’s a time to change, vote Biden. And look at the other races on the ballot as well.

The point is vote for the person — regardless of party affiliation — who believes in the same things you believe in. Voting is not just a right, it’s a responsibility. We can trivialize it … we can joke about the process, but the right was hard fought by the blood of our forefathers and foremothers {a little plug for the women’s rights movement that was birthed in my former hometown of Seneca Falls and the Finger Lakes region of New York}. We may not think our individual vote counts, but it does. It may not turn an election, but it is part of a process that makes us uniquely American.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Spend more time with people, less time in front of a screen, and — since we’re all in it together — be nice to people. — Aziz Ansari

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12 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Vote

  1. Becky says:

    We do our part – we vote! And God does His part – He determines the outcome. Voting and prayer are working with God.

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  2. Lisa M. Boyd says:

    Praying to make God again, one says make America great again. I was told either way pray that the outcome is the one that will bring the world to their knees. Even if it not who we voted for. God has all power! I did mine yesterday, I always chose the one who has the same views as my heart after Christ’s own. Now it is left in His hands! Amen! 🙏🏻

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  3. Lisa M. Boyd says:

    He already has the results, I trust him whatever outcome comes our way! For God always Has plan for His will! Amen! 🙏🏻

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  4. Stand, please, for what you believe,
    stand your ground with strength,
    though you may not quite receive
    what was desired, at length;
    stand for what you know right now,
    stand for this day’s cause,
    stand fast if you know not how
    this will affect the laws
    that ensue from your firm choice,
    the consequence unseen;
    stand, because you have a voice,
    and stand becuase your being
    there with single vote to cast
    can make a diff’rence that will last.

    Joe, I’m having a real hard time breathing. Would you pray for me?


  5. Bruce says:

    I voted by mail about 3 weeks ago. I was able to track my ballot online, and it was received and counted in 3 days. Some people think God is in control of our elections. Remember that God is not a Democrat, nor a Republican, nor an Independent. God is not even an American. We the people are the ones who chose our presidents and other elected leaders. This right was given to us by our founding fathers many years ago. According to our founding fathers, these rights were endowed to us by our Creator. This is my perspective.

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  6. Cindy says:

    Great advice Joe!

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