Five Minute Friday — Disappoint

Happy Five Minute Friday!

The rules remain the same. Ponder the weekly prompt. Nothing too pithy, just honest as the words flow from the brain through the fingers. Keep it limited to five minutes {or so} with limited editing. Link up on our Community page on Facebook at and sit back and enjoy other posts from other writers.

In fact, I’ve been using testimonials about the group and the exercise from other members as collected in Five Minute Friday: A Collection of Stories Written in Five Flat, edited by Susan Shipe. This week’s it’s from Joanne. I encourage you to listen to the words and visit our wonderful corps of writers … and maybe be inspired to join in!

“When I started participating in the FMF linkup, I was not sure what t o expect. The idea of writing for five minutes on the same one word was intriguing, in and of itself. But the community of women [and some men] soon became a place I looked forward to each week. The FMF community has come to mean connection, encouragement, warmth, and more. Often it is in this community that I have found confirmation of the very truth God has been whispering into my heart throughout the week. FMF has become an intersection of God’s Word and friendship over my morning coffee each Friday morning. I have not yet walked away disappointed.”

After hearing the prompt word — DISAPPOINT — last night, I mulled over how I was going to put a positive spin on a negative word. Normally I fall asleep and let the word percolate into my deeper psyche and soul. I would wake up with a direction my words would take.

This morning, I woke up — wide awake — just before 4 a.m. with a direction. It wasn’t the result a dream. It wasn’t just a feeling. It was a memory that filtered through the darkness, a memory I had been suppressing for many years. It was a conversation Karen and I had the night before she died , during our last walk down 40 plus years of memories.

So, here goes. I’ll try to recapture the moment as I turn on the timer. GO …

The question came out of nowhere. One minute we were talking about our escapades, then the next she quietly asked me, “Was I ever a disappointment to you?

The question stunned me into silence. I could think of times things didn’t go as anticipated — but more on my part than hers. I was the disappointment, not giving her the stability she so longed for. I was the disappointment putting her and the family second because of work. I was the disappointment not always listening to her needs.

“No,”I answered. “The were times when I was disappointed when things  didn’t go as planned, but never, ever with you.”

She smiled through the pain.

“Was I ever a disappointment to you?” I asked.

With her own quirky smile and crinkled nose, she said, “Well …” Then, after letting me squirm in my seat for what seemed like minutes although it was only milliseconds, she added, “No.” … STOP

“Never. You were my rock. You were my go to guy. Of course sometimes I had to track you down, but you were my go to guy. I knew you loved me unconditionally. I’m sure I disappointed you, but no, you never disappointed me.”

“But …” I said. She cut me by raising her arm and putting a finger on my lips.

“But nothing.”

That, my friends, is putting a positive spin on negative word. That is grace.That’s how I know she’s waiting for me, either with a cup of coffee if it’s daytime or a glass of wine at nighttime. That’s realizing the disappointments pale in comparison to love. That is a  reflection of our Father’s love.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Just be yourself … there is no one better.


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6 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Disappoint

  1. That my friend, was a really great share from your collection. I enjoy reading from the collections you share. Blessings to you.


  2. What a love and legacy!

    Guess I’d say something like this to Barb…

    Things are bad, I won’t pretend,
    this cancer’s got me nailed,
    and I’d like to make amends
    for all the times I’ve failed
    all the hopes that you had brought
    to our married life,
    all the things I surely ought
    to have done for you, my wife.
    It seems my dusk is falling,
    and there’s little time
    to answer, now, God’s calling
    and repudiate the crime
    of neglect before I die,
    but on my heart, I’ll surely try.



  3. Sandra K Stein says:

    Thanks for the beautiful, heartfelt share. You were blessed.

    Liked by 1 person

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