What Day Is This?

This has been a strange week. Okay, it’s pretty much been a strange year, but this week has been especially challenging. No, it isn’t because everything was disjointed — that was  last week. I can’t put my finger on it, but many, many times this week, I had  to stop to try and figure out what day it is.

That’s not unusual for a week that starts with a federal holiday. That extra day off sort of throws the whole week off. I expected that when Monday felt like Sunday and Tuesday felt like Monday. Only Tuesday felt more like Wednesday; today feels like Friday. Even last Sunday felt more like Saturday. The only thing I do know is it’s a “day”.

The virus, especially during the lockdowns, didn’t help and perhaps exasperated our daily day of the week recognition. Days blended together. Often I didn’t know if I was eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I would say the blur between sleepwear and daywear was an issue but since I like to nap, either wear was appropriate.

Early during the pandemic, I started adding a tag “Today is …” and fillied in the blanks with the appropriate day and date to my good morning message to the family. I know they appreciate {I still do} it, but to be honest, it was/is more for my benefit than theirs.

It is Thursnesmonurday, Septoriluarber 123, right?

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Oh, the grace of another day.

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