All Is Well …

Today marked my annual wellness evaluation. Actually, it was my first wellness evaluation. It was scheduled — and cancelled — last August. It was scheduled — and cancelled — in January. It was scheduled — and cancelled, thanks to covid — in April when I was sheltering in place in Kentucky. It was scheduled — and cancelled — for July. It was scheduled for September — and moved forward to today. Hooray!

The bottom line is I am apparently cognitively and physically and socially doing very well. Take that Joe. Take that Donald.

The wellness evaluation is about an hour long conversation about life in general and with specifics. There were about 100 leading questions ranging from living conditions to personal well being, from support systems to hobbies and interests.

Nurse Kerry went beyond the numbers (glucose numbers, blood pressure, pulse, O2), pulling out answers why I felt the not too bad numbers were the numbers. She explored lifestyle, affirming such decisions like walks with the pup, gently chiding me on some of my dietary choices. We discussed such mundane topics as advanced directives, functional ability, level of safety, and cognitive functions through word repetition, word association, simple number problems, problem solving, date and time recognition … even a few drawing exercises. I felt like I was back in kindergarten … and that was a long, long, LONG time ago!

In the impression column, she noted, based on my answers, I was “pleasant” and “takative”who tries to stay active with a good support system with family and friends. So, thank you, friends. As followers you are part of that support system.

In our off the record conversation, she said I appeared to have life under control, especially for my age. She said many retirees see their stress levels increase because of boredom, illness, or mental/financial constraints, but I do not appear to be anywhere near that. In fact, as she scanned older records, she said the opposite is true. 

I told her I left the stress at the bridge, referring to the entry point from New Hampshire at the Piscataqua Bridge. A Mainer herself, she smiled (I could see it in her eyes since the entire visit was muffled through mandatory masks). “That’s a great way to put it.”

See you next year.

All is well. All is well with my soul …

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Refuse to be average, let your heart soar as high as it will. — A.W. Tozer


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2 Responses to All Is Well …

  1. Bruce says:

    Joe, good to hear you are doing well. I’ve never taken a cognitive test, but my mind is still functioning. A bit of CRS (can’t remember stuff), like walking from one room to another room, and wondering why I came in here….LOL. I’ll attribute this to being absent minded on occasion. A few physical maladies, but nothing life threatening. Still alive and kicking here in FLA.


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