On Broken Wings

We’re sharing Joan Clayton’s experience as Words for the Week.

I wanted to share an experience I had concerning broken wings. This experience came when I needed it the most. In June 2003 my husband was in a terrible car wreck. He spent several days in the hospital. I have expressed my gratitude to God many times for saving his life. His body was one solid bruise, a whiplash, and broken ribs. I had to get a strong stance just to help him up (he’s 6’3″ tall) as he couldn’t do that by himself.

I did great for two weeks, but utter exhaustion and emotional drain attacked me. I went to bed one night, half praying, half crying and half asleep, sort of in that twilight zone just before falling asleep. (Some may call this a dream, but to me it was straight from God.) I had what I call a vision. I saw a beautifully wrapped package with beautiful ribbons and bows. I tore into it immediately and there lay a bird’s wing, shimmering in brilliance and outlined in silver and gold. I immediately fell asleep and awakened the next morning totally restored.

I just knew this had to be in the Bible and I found it. It was Psalm 68:13 (NIV): Even while you sleep among the campfires, the wings of my dove are sheathed with silver, its feathers with shining gold.

The Comforter had come to me, and, by the way, my husband recovered.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: People with good intentions make promises. But people with good character keep them — Eric Thomas

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5 Responses to On Broken Wings

  1. Still in the fight.

    They say my wings are broken,
    and that I’m gonna die;
    but these are false words spoken
    because, dude, I can fly
    upon the strength of this last fight,
    updraft of hope and rage,
    and you will see me in the night
    upon another page
    where cancer will recoil in fear
    at my renewed attack
    delivered with a laughing cheer
    and with good humour, black,
    that sends, upon the final bell,
    the f***ing demons back to hell.

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    • Amazing! No fear … Just laughter. You’ve won already buddy.


    • TamrahJo says:

      Beautifully said Andrew – the greats fly, even if their wings appear to be clipped, here and there – I see you in that light, through your words – until such time as your ‘physical wings’ are mended, I have every faith that your heart, soul and mind wings will carry you through – that is my prayer for you.

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  2. TamrahJo says:

    I once had a ‘teacher’ in my life say to me, “Why are you waiting in your desire to serve others? You think you must be healed and perfect in order to help others? You do not – in fact, the true healer is the one that recognizes that sharing the journey is more help than showing up, saying ta-da, trying to be perfect – through your sorrows you will inspire others.” – – I’ve never forgotten that, and when I feel broken, sometimes I’m silent, until the message comes through, “here and now, it does someone else more good, if I show them my broken wing, than if I wait to tell them, later, how it was mended.”


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