Maine Checkup

I just got back from a regularly rescheduled, rescheduled follow-up doctor’s appointment. All is well for this septuagenarian. Lost 10 pounds. Blood pressure was “best” since they’ve been seeing me. A1C jumped a tad to 6.7, still below the threshold. Lungs were clear as a Maine stream. Heartbeat was normal.

Those have been typical responses when I visit the doctor up here in God’s county. Over the years, my New York doctor often told me to go back to Maine. My numbers seem to level along with my stress level as I cross the Piscataqua River Bridge.

 I was feeling pretty good about my health assessment. Then I stood up.

As I did, the doctor noticed I “froze” for a second or so to get my bearings. Instead of walking out the door, she sat me back down for a “talk”. Next thing I know, she sets the wheels  in motion for a precautionary CT scan. She referred to my brain bleed almost four years ago. My responses to her note-inspired questions — yes, I have been freezing in place for a few months, plus I’ve had more headaches [not debilitating] than usual and vivid dreams — resulted in the diagnostic given the previous stroke. However, there is no talk about a neurologist at this point.

The other thing she noticed was a wince as I stood and sat, so we’ll be keeping an eye on my knee. I hyperextended it in January and it still is an issue, especially when a front comes in and the arthritis flares. If it continues to be an issue, we’ll get more aggressive following my next appointment in January … sooner if it gets worse.

I’ve always been a dreamer and I always had nighttime dreams. They’re especially vivid after a repast of sausage or pepperoni. I’ve even shared some of them with you in the past.

But immediately following my tiny brain bleed, it knocked me out. I couldn’t get enough sleep … five minutes here … 15 minutes there … early to bed … late to rise. And each and every time I dreamed. Lately, that has been happening again. I attributed it to winding down after nine months and about 7,500 miles on the road.

Somehow, all the files in my mind have been tossed out of their neat little compartments again to rustle through the caverns of my grey matter. And they’re intermingling with the free range thoughts grazing my brain.

It makes for some interesting entertainment when my eyelids droop.

On short trips to la la land, the eyelids screen highlight little pop-ups like puppies jumping for frisbies, sunrises, sunsets, rolling clouds, geometrical shapes, silhouettes and waves.

Nighttime REM dreams have been just as regular and vivid. I can’t say I remember them all, but I remember I did dream. The other night I dreamed about visiting my great-grandmother. I spent more time with her in my dream than I did when I was a kid. My Mom, Dad, Karen, a distant relative I haven’t seen for years, and some long lost friends — some alive and others deceased — have stopped by the twilight zone.  And there have been more mundane mind pictures as well — lakes, wildlife, the ocean, rainbows, panoramas. 

As then, as I reflect on these dreams and mini dreams, they were all good memories. No nightmares. No unpleasant thoughts. No dark shadows. I’ll take those any time.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll take a little nap.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: When you stop worrying about tomorrow and you focus on today, and you focus on your Heavenly Father who knows everything you need, what seems so big and so far becomes so do-able.



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2 Responses to Maine Checkup

  1. Thought the title was Marine Checkup.


    Semper Fi.

    Good to go.


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