Taking a Stand

Our Words for the Week show the news is not always all bad. Even though taken from a 2001 report, the trend continues  ….

When Robert B. Rowling bought the Omni Hotel chain, he ordered the pornographic magazines pulled from his hotels’ gift shops and the pornographic films removed from the pay-per-view channels on the TVs in the hotel rooms. To do the latter, he had to switch movie service providers and buy a new television for every room — 8,700 sets! The change cost Rowling $4 million, including lost revenue.

But since the porn movies were yanked, occupancy has increased at the upscale hotels … and other chains have altered their pay-for-view offerings.

While we still have a long way to go with pornography proliferation and exploitation, it all started by one person taking a stand.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: In the end we only need two things for our happiness: to love and to be loved … May you always be loved.

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6 Responses to Taking a Stand

  1. I never heard this story before, but thank God for peop


  2. TamrahJo says:

    If one feels strongly about something, the only thing ever, that is always within the immediate control of the individual is to put one’s money where their mouth is – shopping, business, charities donated to, where time and energy are spent – period – It’s not in voting or donations to ‘leaders’ – it’s in where your heart, your mouth and the sweat of your brow get spent – AWESOME Post!!!


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