The Way Life Should Be

I’m back home. It’s my adopted home, the latest in a long string of  states, towns, and villages — Dexter, ME.

Except for the last nine months when I was on the road, I came to love the Pine Tree State over the past five years. It is quiet and refreshing … definitely a change of pace that moves at its own gait. Where I am — The Maine Highlands just about dead center in the state — rural is an understatement. My apartment complex has been carved out of woods and the community room patio overlooks the Dexter Municipal Golf Course.

I did spend four years in Dover-Foxcroft, just across the county line 13 miles north of here. It was there where I gathered my appreciation for the Maine life — the people, the beauty. But it was Dexter where I visited my first prospective house and it served as a base as I wandered around the state looking to retire and relocate.

Before I decided not to renew my Dover-Foxcroft lease, I applied for housing at Fairway Knolls. I never heard a word … until February when I received an unexpected all about an apartment becoming available. I did manage a walk through in late February when I was in nearby Howland on a pulpit supply gig while staying with my son, daughter-in-law, and family in Massachusetts. I was No. 2 on the tenant list and called because the No. 1 candidate had a lease at another complex and wasn’t sure she could get out of the lease. Alas and alack, she did and moved into the apartment, moving me up to No. 1.

But along came Corona. I ended up sequestering in place at my older son’s place in Bowling Green, KY. The next available apartment was scheduled to be vacated in April … but the resident couldn’t move because of restrictions in Maine. So, we all were frozen until mid June.

But, I’m HERE! So far, so good. Life is a little different with masks and restrictions, but just as I remembered nine months ago.

Moving is never easy — especially when you get rid of most your furniture. So Friday — my first full day in the new digs — I made sure I have peanut butter, jelly, hard salami, provolone cheese, mayo, milk, 12 grain bread, and ice pops for my belly; a cast iron pan, a few plates and glasses, utensils, bathroom ensemble, pillow, and a rocker to sit on; ordered my Internet; met some new neighbors and my landlady; discovered a complex laundry room and community room; and slowly started unpacking.

After a full night’s sleep — first in a long time interrupted by you know who around 6 — we enjoyed coffee and computer time on the patio behind the community room open to the golf course. Visited with some neighbors, waved and spotted some golf balls for the golfers, just chilled out in the morning breeze. Angelina spotted a doe less than 100 yards away on the golf course and just stared silently as she meandered into the woods, had a stare down with a chipmunk who ventured to the edge of the patio, and watched the golfers — quietly with no barking.. No barking. I even left her home when I picked up burgers for dinner (and set off the smoke detector while cooking them). She is a character, though. I had to close the front windows when I left. As I got into the car I noticed she was sitting on the windowsill … just like a cat.  I also left her alone Monday for the first time. My neighbor said he heard a few whimpers … but no barking. And my Internet was connected!. Lightning fast … okay Maine lightning fast, which is still faster than the phone connection.

I went on a search for a recliner. I found one online but it couldn’t be delivered until mid-month. I went to the local furniture store. All they had on hand was a broken floor model. Up popped a Marketplace listing for a recliner so I drove to Winslow, checked it out, haggled a little, loaded it the back of the CRV. It works like a charm. Dozed off through a movie. $40 investment. And it was Angelina approved. I think she slept there last night and was perched on her throne when I returned from one of my laundry runs. I had previously picked up a rocker for $20 … but it was hard to work on. I feel blessed.

I did laundry yesterday. I know. I know. That’s not much of a blessing, but I literally had to just go to an adjourning room to do it. Apparently, the laundry room for my building (each building has its own) is next door. Talk about convenience!

It’s only been a week — okay nine days — but I feel like I am home … again!

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: God never forces us into anything. — John Maxwell

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I'm just an ordinary guy walking along the journey of life.
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4 Responses to The Way Life Should Be

  1. Life as it should be…I’m here.

    Pain and puke and fell thing, forlorn cause, no way out but cancer’d death.

    But I was born for this, and I shall light such a flame of hope and joy and love as shall never be put out, from now unto the ending of the world.

    This is my time.


  2. DeniseBalog says:

    Blessings to you and your pup in your new home👍😊 Sounds very companionable 😊 Pretty outside too. Thank you for sharing.


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