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Someone posted a question on an author/prospective author group the other day.  “What is the most difficult part in writing a book?”

I answered, “Sitting down and starting.” I’ve consistently said the short answer is to just write. Everyone has a story. Just write!

What made this question interesting — and more challenging — is we don’t know what 0level the author is at. She is new to the group, but I’m not sure whether she has written anything, published anything, just getting started, or facing other issues unique to the book publishing field.

So, while my answer was somewhat flippant, there were a host of others offering suggestions as well from one end of the spectrum to the other. Here are just a few:

Jordan agreed with me {I think} with the one word, “Writing.” Dorothy extolled the virtue of “believing in yourself” although admitted marketing could be challenging. Mike contributed, “Writing it. That’s what I encounter when talking to people. EVERYONE says they want to write a book but only those willing to put in the effort actually do it.” Joshua also feels “the writing” is the toughest part. Jessica also had encouraging thoughts, “Staying courageous enough to hold onto your dreams, even when so many quickly reject such careers paths as being foolish. You have to keep believing in yourself, especially in moments when you feel you maybe your only supporter.”

The most pragmatic advice came from Nandhini, “Finding the pen.” Pippa offered, “Deciding what the book is going to be about.” Morley felt “organizing it” was the toughest challenge.

Adam lamented, “Finding the time.” Charlese agreed, “Time to write.” Catherine lamented, “Not enough hours in a day.” Mohammed also felt “time” was an issue, and Chandana added “time with a kid!” Milind said, “Time matters.” Liz put in some perspective, however, with the comment, “Someone once said if you write for 30 minutes every day — three pages —  in three to four months you have a book. Keep writing about things you know.”

Krishnamurthy provided, “Self control.” Rosetta added, “Commitment.” Spencer offered, “Writer’s block.”

Elaina felt the “opening chapters” were most challenging. Mickey suggested “writing the middle” as a potential writing minefield. Marshall noted, “Making sure it all fits together.” Karen added, “Getting it to flow …” Jack submitted, “finishing …”Anthony chimed in with, “Writing the ending.”

Suzie gave the advice, “Memories waking you up during the night if you are writing your autobiography. The whole process is a challenge!” Kylie-Anne had a similar thought. “The hardest part of writing my story was knowing I am going to lose what little family I have left. The truth will set you free.” That was echoed by Jay who noted, “I have almost completed my new book. Same sentiments as yours [Kylie-Anne]. Orphaned at age of four  … Emotional memories.” Daniel submitted, “Putting thoughts into words that readers can understand.”

Braam lamented, “The almost never ending revisions.” Kornelia, Marina and Stephanie gave the simplest answer, “Editing!” ToniAnn expanded, “Editing! Oh God, it about killed me!” Chavashree also agrees, “Right now for me it’s editing.” Aarti noted, “Editing by yourself is a reallyhard job.” Marty Jay tendered, “Staying the course and writing a whole book, then going back through and making sure its all right, then editing and editing and did I mention editing.”

Tahani suggested,” I’ve found that writing the books were easy compared to marketing them.” I whole-hearted agree with the comment, as does David who commented, “Promoting it” and Jack, “Getting someone to read it.” Meghna added, “Getting readers to read our book.” Eldon was more emphatic, “Marketing, by far!” with Suboor adding, “Marketing is very difficult for new writers.” Roxanne and Richard agreed “marketing” topped their list. Joan added, “Marketing! Definitely!” Adewale offered, “Marketing for sure.” Liz suggested, “Market through Amazon at 99 cent to start sales then sell the price you would like [especially for] less than famous authors.” Nicola also feels “marketing” is most challenging. Mary contributed, “Writing is a breeze. Promotion is difficult.” and Jim added, “Selling. Most difficult by far.”

Sanjeev concluded, “Writing, editing, marketing — all are difficult.”

I think the best answer came from Michael, though, “Paying for it.”

There you have some thoughts from one writing group. I can’t disagree with any of the comments. Each phase of the process has unique challenges.How about you? What thoughts do you have about the most difficult part of writing a book?

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER:The tendency to seldom think of what we have but always of what we lack is the greatest tragedy on earth. Count your blessings – not your troubles! — Dale Carnegie

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  1. Ruthie says:

    Yes and amen to all of the above! Also when you sit down to write,…Don’t go to Facebook or youtube, it’s a rabbit hole!


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