Prayers Up …

As we build this community prayer platform, we ask the Lord to listen to our petitions with full confidence they not only are heard but acted upon by God according to His holy will. These requests are on my prayer list and I hope you consider putting them on yours as you place your petitions before the Lord Sunday.

Approach the throne room and respond with faith and not fear, knowing the promises of God and His mighty hand will hold us through any situation! Sometimes, all it takes is just one prayer to change everything. Something extraordinary happens when two or more agree together in prayer.

What is one of the most important things we should do as Christians? Praying at all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication. To that end, keep alert with all perseverance, making supplication for all the saints (Ephesians 6:18).

And, so, Lord, we come to You with our petitions, knowing and expecting Your will to be done.

Thoughts and prayers to all worldwide suffering from the consequences of coronavirus flu – and all other strains. Many – many – of the prayer requests are covid-19 related … people diagnosed … people sick … people dying … relatives worried and isolated. We are in this together – in prayer!

Please keep the victims of household abuse in your prayers. Whether it be physical, emotional, sexual or neglect, this time in particular is very horrifying for them to be trapped in a house with their abuser(s) and not being able to escape.

We also need to pray for colorblind peace. Racism will remain a plague until we stop looking at people as black and white, but as human beings created by the same Creator. We pray for new eyes, calmer heads, and softer hearts.

Andrew continues to struggle. It was a bad week, as in, h can barely eat, doesn’t have the breath to even whistle (his current form of communication), and his metastatic lung tumors have started to bleed. Yet he continues to battle through prayer – and a sense of humor.

Asking for prayer for Jason who has been battling colon cancer for a year and was just hospitalized for an obstruction and it feels like he won’t be coming home.

Masahiro was hit in the head with a line drive during today’s simulated game. He is currently alert, responsive and walking under his own power, but is being sent to the hospital for further evaluation and testing.

Please pray for Mike who is in serious condition following an automotive accident.

Hollie is hospitalized in terrible pain. Staff is awaiting a doctor to decide the next steps. Thank you everyone for your care, prayers, and support.

Please keep Tia in your prayers …. She was just admitted to the emergency room with some complications and she’s really not doing well.

Mary continues to recover from surgery. Prayer requested.

Prayer request for Mick who has been taken to hospital with chest pain.

Please say a prayer for Gunny. A hemiplegic episode is starting, his left arm and leg is affected, and his head feels like it’s splitting open.

Prayers needed for Caylie who was diagnosed with embryonal tumors. The cancer has no cure as of yet, and she has the rarest of the type that she was born with.

Ineligible for Medicare and unable to return to Peru, Ines is facing a $500,000 medical bill. Prayers needed.

Please pray Emily’s CT scan of her spine, lungs, etc. comes back completely normal. She’s been through so much and now the doctor tells her there is a new area of concern on her T 12, a possible bone tumor. Please pray it is not and her CT scan has NO abnormalities. She is so scared. Too much confusion and no answers.

Please pray for Margaret. She has Stage 4 cancer and is in severe pain.

Amy’s arthritis is really, really bad in one of her hand’s right now. Please pray for pain relief.

Please pray Lee will be approved for disability for life and will be reinstated to help with bills.

Carol has been very anxious and depressed. She will be seeing a therapist Monday. Please pray for comfort and healing.

Lisa asks for prayer about her ACL diagnosis. If it is Your will, Lord, she requires surgery, please bless the hands and minds of the medical professionals who will be caring for her.

Please pray for Chi, a seriously ill mum of four who is in hospital. She has many life threatening conditions she battles on a daily basis, including  PTSD from being ventilated many times.

Kristi asks for prayers for her blood pressure, anxiety, and overall health. She is 36 and has had two heart attacks since 2016. With the virus and other things going on in the world she has a lot of stress and anxiety. Her blood pressure has been going really high for the last couple of weeks, even with my blood pressure medications.

John continues to have a fever. Prayers asked he does not go to hospital as he has four times in ICU and his body is too weak. He has not fully recovered.

There were a host of unspoken prayer requests and we heard of a number of deaths this week. Prayers for their families as they go through this earthly trial. We grieve … heaven rejoices.

We come to You, Lord, because prayer is the least yet the greatest thing we can do for each other. When two or more are gathered in Your name, we confidently know You are with us. What better company can we have? You reign and we trust You! We may be broken and battered but know You heal and quiet the soul. You are the source for all that happens in our lives. We thank You for the progress being made. We thank You for the many blessings we have received this week. Some we unfortunately didn’t notice. Nonetheless, those blessings are ever-present in our lives. We thank You for healing. We thank You for slowing us down. We thank You for providing us our daily needs — no more and no less. We thank You for being with us, listening to us, walking with us on this journey. We thank You for the support of our family and friends … for seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary — sunrises, sunsets, flowers, kids laughing, adventures, good news amid the bad news. We know we can come to You with our concerns and they will be heard. Through Christ all things are possible. We lift up those family members and friends who are battling various physical, emotional, financial, career or spiritual issues and ask not for Your guidance and healing (although that would be welcomed) but to keep reminding us we are not alone in our battles. Specifically we lift up Andrew, Jason, Masahiro, Mike, Hollie, Tia, Mary, Mick, Gunny, Kristi, John, Caylie, Ines, Emily, Margaret, Amy, Lee, Carol, Lisa, Chi, and all those needing Your healing and guiding touch. We pray for the families of all those You have called home. We grieve … You celebrate. We pray for obedience to Your Will so Your “Son” Light shines through us through the power of the Spirit. And we come to You through the confidence of the words taught by Your Son Jesus. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Keep your joys and concerns coming. They have been and will be included during my prayer time and I trust they will be on your lips as well as you approach the altar. All it takes is a couple of keystrokes under the “Contact Me” button on the top bar {or to the right if you’re not a follower yet}. I hope it becomes your best friend as you navigate around the site so we can all be viable prayer warriors. You can also comment or reach me at

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: I believe that it is impossible to grasp all the different forms of prayer without great purity of heart and soul. There are as many forms of prayer as there are states of soul. A person pays in a certain manner when cheerful and in another when weighed down by sadness or a sense of hopelessness. When one is flourishing spiritually, prayer is different from when one is oppressed by the extent of one’s struggles. – John Cassian

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