Reaching Upwards

Our Words for the Week come from Dick Innes.

Like the trees of the forest,
may you find nourishment
in rain as well as sunshine,
Bend with the winds of misfortune
without breaking;
Give of yourself to others
to provide shade from the blistering heat,
Grow old gracefully and not
become rigid or unbending;
and above all
May you keep reaching ever upwards
towards heaven and to God.

– Dick Innes © Copyright

Innes, founder and international director of ACTS International, commenced the literature outreach ministry of ACTS in 1968. He also works part time as webmaster of Narramore Christian Foundation (NCF), a Christian mental health organization located in the Los Angeles area, and was for several years editor of the NCF Psychology for Living magazine.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Tomorrow is a new day.

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2 Responses to Reaching Upwards

  1. TamrahJo says:

    yes, yes and YES! May we all learn how to be trees –


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