A Temporary Residence

But now, Lord, what do I look for? My hope is in you. (Psalm 39:7 NIV)

As a newlywed, life held great promise. I was young, hopeful, and eager to begin a new adventure with my handsome new husband. I had left behind my home, my family, and even my birth country to follow after the man I loved. I expected a fairly easy transition to life in my new home; after all, English was the dominant language, the cuisine was familiar, and the culture seemed similar to that of the United States.

However, after a while I noticed some unsettling differences. I was forced to follow the metric system, which I studied in school but always struggled to understand. Some of the rules of etiquette were different from what I learned as a child. I thought I spoke the same language as my neighbors but had no idea what a “chesterfield,” “serviette,” or “double-double” was. I quickly began to feel like the foreigner that I was.

Psalm 39 conveys a greater sense of alienation with the world at large than I felt living in a specific foreign country. This psalm not only expresses frustration with the world’s sin but also emphasizes an important truth: That those who belong to this world will never truly “fit in” with heaven. The opposite is also true: Genuine citizens of heaven will never feel entirely at home in this world, although they must live in it for a time.

When the world discourages you, remember: This is not your home.

Hurd is an ordained minister, pastor’s wife, and mother of four. She has a deep love for rural America and is passionate about its potential for spiritual growth. Wesleyan Publishing House is a leader in communicating the message of holiness around the world. It’s resources are relevant for communicating God’s unchanging message in today’s world — inspired by offering genuine truths that are reliable and Bible-based; practical by providing real answers to real-life needs; and life-changing by challenging individuals to be transformed through a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Whether you’re a pastor, a teacher, a congregational leader, or an individual — Wesleyan Publishing House is committed to providing you with excellent service and resources to meet your unique needs. Some of its resources will help address a specific challenge, others may inspire you to try something new, but most of all — it can help you find a resource that will speak to you and increase your passion for living as a fully-devoted follower of Jesus!

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Opportunities are not stagnant. Opportunities are on the move. If you do not seize them, they will fly off. If you do not open your eyes, you will not see them. If you are not smart, they will slip through your fingers. Seize them then before they disappear!


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I'm just an ordinary guy walking along the journey of life.
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