Five Minute Friday — Forward

Open mouth, insert prompt.

Prior to Thursday night’s Twitter Party, Kate asked for some prompt suggestions. She received a lot of quality thoughts — Reunited, Remember, Transition, Perseverance, Resilience, Privilege, Paradox, Persistent, Perception, Obfuscate, Cry, Lament, Unity, Awaken, Brilliance, Drive-by, Rewards, even Ascend since Thursday was Ascension Day. I suggested FORWARD. Silly girl chose mine for this week’s prompt.

So, upfront to my fellow FMF writing friends, sorry. I know you will work wonders with the word and can’t wait to read them. And don’t be surprised if some of the other suggestions make the list in weeks to come.

You know the drill. It’s Friday {or sometimes Saturday or later}, we receive a prompt, we write, we post, we share. And it all comes down on the Community Page at Five Minute Friday’s place on Facebook at I’ve told you before … you should check it out. Better yet, you should join in.

I  also try to share the value of the exercise from other writers. Miranda gave this view in Five Minute Friday: A Collection of Stories Written in Five Minutes Flat, compiled by Susan Shipe. “The five minute Friday community has been a HUGE blessing to me. As a new blogger who is going through a very difficult time in her life, it is nice to have a group of bloggers who stand and encourage me through this blogging journey. We all have each other’s back and [are] each other’s biggest cheerleaders.”

There you have it. Listen to Miranda.

I guess it’s time to get started. The timer has been set so we’ll put the pedal to the metal as we move FORWARD

When I was learning to drive — no, it wasn’t in the Flintstones car — my Dad taught me a life lesson. I didn’t understand it as a teachable moment at the time, but 20/55 year hindsight is a valuable teacher. He simply said, it you want to go forward, put the car in first gear. If you want to go back, put it in reverse. If you just want to roll with the road, leave it in neutral.

Now I was too busy at the time trying to sync the gas and clutch on the ’53 Plymouth, worrying about the gears on the tree, and keeping the ton and a half tank in a straight line to let that sink in. But, after all these years, it has become a guiding principle in my life.

I mastered the techniques quickly and, fortunately, took my road test in Mom’s automatic ’62 Chevy. Much easier to maneuver with power steering and automatic transmission despite being about 500 pounds heavier.

The depth of Dad’s words started to settle in as I matured (?). You have to look forward if you want to move. You have to get your foot off the brake, shift gears and roll forward. You will never get to your destination any other way.

You can’t look back. That’s where you were. In fact, back then … STOP

Dad told me the only time to look back was when I found a parking space. I added another one over the years. Check the rear view mirror periodically to make sure there aren’t any red lights following you … but continue driving forward.

The neutral reference didn’t immediately resonate, but you know, he was spot on. The imperfections in the roadway and your vehicle will sway you if you’re just rolling along — downhill, to the right or left, an abrupt stop if you hit the curb.

That was a life lesson in addition to a driving lesson. You have to know where you’re going and drive forward toward the goal. You’ll never get there looking back. You’ll never be in control rolling in neutral.

That’s a faith lesson as well. You have to move forward toward the ultimate destination — heaven — unencumbered by where and who you’ve been; and definitely not coasting by in neutral.

Drive forward.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Change your attitude and change your life.


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14 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Forward

  1. “You have to now where you’re going and drive forward toward the goal. You’ll never get there looking back. You’ll never be

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  2. Keep the home fires burning,
    keep your powder dry.
    Keep the schoolgirls yearning,
    and kiss your ass goodbye
    ‘cause time keeps moving forward,
    and zero hour is set;
    you hope that nothing bad, untoward
    will happen; wanna bet?
    This is war, and savage,
    the ultimate high-dive,
    and even above-average,
    you won’t get out alive
    for if you’re passed the hemlock cup,
    when your number’s up, it’s up.

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  3. TamrahJo says:

    I like to check the rear view mirror, to see what from the past is speeding upon to run me over – to remember where I’ve been and what I learned – but um….yeah…mainly to check for red lights OR police package cars (one can often tell from the body lines/front grill – – just saying….) – cuz, um, yeah – I’m a slow goose when need be….but give me open roadway, an awesome car? an engine that rumbles and a day of freedom? “Pedal to the metal” am I – as long as there is good brakes and great frame/engineering to ‘turn on a dime’ – cuz ya know? We just blew by a ‘historical/point of interest plaque – we might want to double back to check that out….” – – LOL. Forward, always – but I try hard not to forget the lessons learned from yesterday’s roads traveled – :). Nice post and don’t think anyone in popular society would disagree with your word being chosen – it is afterall, the trend for many years – “look forward, don’t get stuck keep moving and forget the past, cuz it’s past’ – sigh – I don’t need to be ATTACHED to the past, but I’ll be durned if I forget the beauty/lessons learned from it – 🙂

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    • Certainly we can learn from the past but it shouldn’t slow us down or stop us from moving forward. You’re my kind of girl —pedal to the metal and always looking for the historical/point of interest sign! Happy trails. Stay safe!

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      • TamrahJo says:

        “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana – I remember still the first moment when my dad said, “The minute you underestimate the power of your machine or overestimate your abilities, things go ugly and someone gets hurt or killed” –
        He told me that when he bought two mini-bikes at an auction and brought them home – seriously – back then? They were the equivalent of a gas mower engine on a lil bit heavier frame than a bicycle built for an 8 year old – :).

        but I never forgot it – which, I think, is why I respect machines/power and try to be honest about my ‘abilities’

        but such things are in the past, right? and the battle cry is to ‘forget the past’ – nowadays – I’m not convinced the past is of any use unless, here and there it is remembered for use/guidance for today – and sometimes, wallowing in the past is what helps one process grief – the trick, to it all, to me, is to not get ‘stuck in it’ and I swear to heavens above, if I have one more person who shares their past with me, for commiseration, BUT tells me to forget my past? to forget history? to not ‘talk about it cuz you’re not talking about me?” –

        I’ll go out and run my ’98 f-250 full throttle on Hwy 94 stretch that is deemed ‘middle of nowhere” – cuz ya know – she is old, but she still get’s up and go – and can break nearly 100 – – LOL

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      • You go girl! 😊

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      • TamrahJo says:

        Fantabulous – now I know who to call – when…. “A week in the county jail’ happens – LOL – – Tom T. Hall

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  4. Gwen says:

    This is such a great analogy! And so very true. I’ve been in reverse for sure. I spent most of my teen years and early twenties in neutral, and then finally became a parent and found drive. What a difference it has made. Really great post! Thank you!

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  5. Tara says:

    I love the car analogy!

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