Woodcutters’ Observations

Today’s Words for Week come from Pesach Krauss and Morrie Goldfisher from the chapter “A Time of Trouble Is a Time To Grow” in their book, WHY ME? ā€” Coping with Grief, Loss, and Change.

I sometimes tell patients the parable about the two wood choppers who had taken down a tree that was over one hundred years old. Looking at the growth rings to determine the tree’s age, the younger man noticed there were five very narrow rings. He concluded there had been a five-year drought, during which the tree had shown very little growth.

However, the other lumberman, a wise old man with a philosophical bent, had a different viewpoint. He contended the dry years actually were the most significant in the tree’s history. His reason: Because of the drought, the tree had to force its roots down further to get the water and the minerals it needed. With a strengthened root system, it was able to grow faster and taller when conditions improved.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Never bend your head, hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye. — Helen Keller

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