Five Minute Friday — Normal

The Five Minute Friday assignment is to write for five minutes on a prompt word, post it and share with fellow Five Minute friends at Around 100 of us gather round to encourage and support our fellow Christian writers, writing in a variety of styles and genres. It’s always very interesting to see how a simple word takes shape into posts. Sometimes it’s obvious, sometimes not as much, but it is always entertaining. Be sure to stop in and read the diversity of thought. And don’t be afraid to join in!

I’ve been sharing snippets taken from Five Minute Friday: A Collection of Stories Written in Five Minutes Flat, compiled by Susan Shipe. They are a testament to the value of the exercise. This week, I’ll share some perspective from Zivah, who I hope inspires you to check us out or, better yet, encourage you to try your hand at focused, unscripted writing for just five minutes. And share it on Kate’s website.

“I learned about the FMF  community through an online women’s magazine and decided to join. In doing so, I found community, friendship and encouragement: an opportunity and platform to connect with other writers, bloggers and those eager to encourage and be encouraged. I also found links to other blogs and websites that I’ve subscribed to — those of women who share their achievements and their struggles. Here, I have found space to learn that my failures are as glorious as my successes, and my weaknesses as courageous as my strengths. And, I’ve found opportunities to give love, friendship, encouragement and  uplifting to those FMF connections. It’s just a beautiful community to be part of.”

The word this week is NORMAL. The clock is starting, so let’s GO …

I’m not sure I want to go back to normal after this pandemic runs its course. To begin with, what is “normal”?

Sure, it would be nice to go where I want when I want. It would be nice to resume some activities that have been put on hold. It would be nice to accept each day without fear or worry.

But, two things stand in the way.

First, normal may not be normal. I am afraid there will be a new normal, a lingering normal that might very well extend long into the future. Things like masks and “social distancing” and restrictions in our everyday lives may become “normal”. That’s not the normal I would like to see.

But more important,  who defines normal? Our politicians? Scientists? Our peers? Are the often immoral, God-less, … STOP

selfish days of pre-coronavirus the normal we will be returning to?

I hope not. My normal is not your normal. My journey is not your journey. I am unique. You are unique. That’s what I want to return to … the craziness that’s me … the thoughts that go through my head unfiltered … my fears … my joys … my successes … my failures. I want to shake people’s hands or give them a hug. I want to visit with family and friends without restrictions. I want to meet new people in groups large and small.

I respect you if you choose generic guidelines going forward — just in case something could or would be lurking in the open air we call life. Just be careful in your bathtub.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Nothing will work unless you do. — Maya Angelou

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10 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Normal

  1. after hearing about your desire to just be who you are and how others might not choose the same your last line made me smile Just be careful in your bathtub. THANKS for the smile, and let’s be mildly crazy together. 🙂 I think I’m in 25 this week?

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  2. Sandra K Stein says:

    That last line about being careful in your bathtub made me smile.
    I have been observing all the mandates out of respect for the authorities, and because I wouldn’t want to be the one to contaminate a vulnerable person, but I do not act out of fear. My mind has been at peace because I know that whatever things may look like, God is in control, and my life is in His hands.

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  3. We go forward with our days
    under this bright desert sky;
    the horizon holds some haze,
    and we, my friend, are going to ie.
    For me it will be sooner;
    for you, I sure hope not!
    But this is truth, not rumour;
    our years are all we’ve got,
    and I do not intend to hide
    from that killer, time;
    place the bet, and let it ride,
    every bloody dime,
    for one day (there’s no ‘perhaps’)
    the final roll will come up craps.

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  4. I go back to work on Monday and I’m not excited in a good way. I’m more apprehensive about it than anything else. Kind of waiting for something else to happen. Not sure why. I take care of my mom and sister, so I’ll be wearing a mask for a while, and I’ll be praying for the rest of us. Thanks for your honesty, it bleeds through your words.

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  5. Gwen says:

    Yes, exactly as you said -a lingering normal that may not be normal. I believe that is what awaits us and far down the timeline. I’m ready to return to unfiltered thoughts where I am the strangest part of my reality too. I miss that. My hope is that when all of this is behind us we come out with the gifts that we discovered within it and more awake than we were before it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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    • One can hope and pray. I’ve weathered the storm well but I know others who are really stressed by the mandated togetherness, finances, fear of the unknown. I feel for them. I, too, pray the positives are remembered — family, trimming the budget, realizing things are just things, how far trust can get you. I hope and pray we see a revival of faith through this. Peace!

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