Five Minute Friday: Refrain

Here’s this week’s installment of Five Minute Friday. You might remember the task is to write for five minutes on a specific prompt word.

There are a couple hundred bloggers who pause to post on the prompt word of the week. It’s fun getting the prompt, thinking about it for a couple of minutes {or hours} and getting to work producing something readable (you hope) in just five minutes. You should link over at and read some of the posts. They don’t disappoint.

As an example, I have been sharing testimonials about the group from our writing corp. They are taken from Five Minute Friday: A Collection of Stories Written in Five Minutes Flat compiled by Susan Shipe. This week, don’t listen to me, listen to Cathy.

“When I began blogging about eight months ago I had no idea it would bring me into contact with such a wonderful ,encouraging group of people. I have been surprised to form such deep connections, and even friendships, with people I have never met in person and I have been blessed a lot by being part of this community.

“FMF has also provided great motivation to write. There are weeks when I saw the prompt and feel I have nothing to say but it is amazing what comes out once I start and those week have produced some of my favourite posts in the end.”

The prompt this week is REFRAIN. But before I submit the post, I have to offer a couple of caveats. I decided to go the poetry route. I am NOT a poet. I started the post with the refrain, which wasn’t a true refrain. When I actually started with the stanzas, it was quite obvious five minutes was not going to work, so I  abandoned the timer. Anyway, with apologies to my poet friends, here goes.


As I awaken in the morning and open my sleepy eyes

Allow me to look at the day with wonder and excitement

And focus on the beauty all around … the chirping birds, the green grass, an ever-changing sky

All given to us by You, Lord, for our enjoyment.


In the morning, Lord, allow me to see Your presence in the ordinary.



As I spend time with You, Lord, and ponder each phrase

Allow the words to speak to me, personally, to prepare me

For the trials and joys I’ll face throughout the day

So the journey is not just me but We


As I spend time with You, Lord, allow me to see Your presence in the ordinary.

As I actually walk down today’s path, may I know I’m not alone

Sometimes pushing, sometimes carrying me, sometimes holding me back …

Yet always loving me, always forgiving me, always encouraging,

because You are with me step by step so nothing I lack.


As I walk through the day, Lord, allow me to see Your presence in the ordinary.


As I lay my head on the pillow tonight, may I thank You for the blessings,

May I marvel at the joys and unexpected gifts. May the trials turn into lessons.

I ask You to watch over me, my family, and friends. Grant us peace and rest.

Knowing You know my failures are overshadowed by our successes.


As I gratefully close my eyes, Lord, allow me to see Your presence in the ordinary.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: After the rain, there’s a rainbow; after the storm, there’s calm; after the night, there’s a morning; and after an ending, there’s a new beginning.

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I'm just an ordinary guy walking along the journey of life.
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10 Responses to Five Minute Friday: Refrain

  1. weelzi says:

    This is wonderful!!! I love the creativity of turning the prompt in to an actual refrain!!

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  2. I must refrain from dying,
    keep my survivour’s card;
    I’m really truly trying,
    but Lord, it’s getting hard.
    I must refrain from quitting
    although the devil’s proud
    to show me what he’s knitting;
    my funerary shroud.
    I must refrain from deep despair
    for days still lie ahead
    about which I’m compelled to care,
    even though I maybe dread
    the path that leads to that tomorrow,
    I walk in courage that I borrow.

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  3. Koko says:

    Love it! Nothing wrong with trying something different! Thanks from FMF#27

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  4. Cindy says:

    I think you sell yourself short! You’re a poet and don’t know it!😉 Love the line “So the journey is not just me but we”. I look forward to more!

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  5. Tara says:

    Love it!

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