Five Minute Friday — Another

Happy Friday. It’s time for my weekly Five Minute Friday contribution.

It’s somewhat appropriate. The prompt this week is ANOTHER. While recognizing all the Lord has provided, we are still living in uncertain and often fearful times. Today is yet another day battling with ourselves and the effects of the coronavirus. It is also a new day with the sunshine {at least here in Kentucky} warming the brain for random thoughts on the subject.

Our facilitator, Kate Motaung turned the prompt over to the FMF crew to expand and embellish. And, of course, we virtually meet and greet at in the Community section of to share and network. It’s fun, fun, fun and keeps our neurons sharp.

Ready to join in yet?

Okay, here’s another take from Five Minute Friday: A Collection of Stories Written in Five Minutes Flat, compiled by Susan Shipe. Don’t listen to me. Listen to Laura.

“When Sara “Gitz” Frankl began blogging in 2008, she was searching for her life purpose. The disease, Ankylosing Spondylitis stripped Sara of the ability to work to make a living. As a young, vibrant girl in her late 20s and early 30s, she so desperately wanted to be a productive member of society. The goals Sara had for her life … a career, family, travel, were no longer something that could be achieved. Sara’s blog, Gitzengirl, provided her not only a purpose, but a community of people that proved to be her lifeline as she became theirs. Sara may not have been able to work to make a living, but this blog brought her a life! When Lisa Jo [Baker, the original hostess] began challenging her bloggers with Five Minute Friday, it provided Sara’s week with something to look forward to … something that brought her joy. Being confined to her home 24/7 and restricted from visitors because her immune system was compromised, those special things she could look forward to became priceless to her. Sara never missed an opportunity to provide her readers with some of her most profound and deep thoughts through her five minute Friday posts. I believe you can hear the whispers of the Holy Spirit in many of Sara’s Five Minute Friday writings. Those writings provided us with an opportunity to hear our Heavenly Father working through one of His earthly disciples … my sister … Sara!

“For that, I am eternally grateful.”


Sara passed away Sept. 24, 2011, but one of the last things she said was, “I want people to continue learning, believing and trusting in God, as I have tried to be His disciple, BUT,” she said, “it’s not about me, it’s about Him, that is the message I want people to hear.” Sara did not want us to put a period on her Choose Joy discipleship. The journey Sara walked had a purpose and that purpose did not have to end because she wasn’t physically with us.

In January 2016 with the assistance of Mary Carver and Hachette Publishing, the book Choose Joy: Finding Hope and Purpose When Life Hurts was launched. Sara’s discipleship and spirit-led words have continued to change lives! God is still speaking using Sara’s journey as an example to us. Her family also set up the Choose Joy Sara Gitz Frankl Memorial Foundation to provide grants from the proceeds received, and on Sara’s heavenly birthday, Sept. 24, 2017, the Choose Joy Foundation with the assistance of Positive Note Publishing, launched a Study Guide and DVD series to accompany the book . If you are interested in the book or study guide and DVD series, send an e-mail to

There you go. Now to this week’s task. The timer is set. Let’s GO…

I will admit it. I haven’t been impacted too much by this pandemic. I’m sheltering in place in Kentucky, but not quarantined to the house. I feel well. I know less than a handful of people who have tested positive for the virus with no fatalities or hospitalizations. I’m retired so I’m not worried about income or whether I’ll have a job when this finally ends.

Others, according to reports, have it much, much worse. I  feel for them as they hunker down for another day sequestered within four walls. I know finances and food and staples are tight. I know they are worried about whether they will have a job to go back to and what it will look like. I know the uncertainty they face … I can hear it in their voices, literally and virtually.

Some are adjusting — not always successfully –to a 24/7 barrage of bad news, escalating death tolls, and life with the family unit. In addition to their regular status in life — husband/wife, mother/father, child/parent — they have had to role play, become substitute teachers, entertain the young {and old}, put up with their spouses’ foibles without benefit of a “work” break, put up with boredom. They are overcome by fear. … STOP

They don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

Might I suggest another alternative?

It’s easy to say, “Don’t worry” or “Trust God”. I can’t say that. It’s too hard not to worry and while we may “trust” God, He seems pretty far off right now. But I can say, “Take advantage of this respite from life as we knew it. Re-prioritize your life and goals. Embrace your family. Help them — especially the younger ones — understand what is going on. Be there for each other: not nagging, not preaching, not smothering. Learn how to stretch resources, just like generations before us. Recognize wealth isn’t defined by ‘things’ but by people — family and friends.”

This pandemic — like all other disasters we face in life — will either split us apart or bring us together. Commit yourself to coming together in the future — as a family and as a community.

My optimistic view includes watching fewer news programs or reading news reports. They ALWAYS sensationalize, feeding our fears. Instead of focusing on how many have died — one is too many — focus on how many have survived. Practice good hygiene and social distancing — we should be doing that anyway. Schedule some “me” time — five minutes, an afternoon — for each member of the household. Respect each other’s space — from youngest to oldest. Do things together as practical — watch a movie, play a game, talk, listen. Be there for each other. Take a walk. Watch nature spring forth. Look for the extraordinary in the ordinary — a cloud formation, trees budding, a wiggly worm, the marvel of an ant hill, birds singing, the gurgle of the brook, the quiet from the street.

I’ll add pray because it’s what I do, but that doesn’t mean just words; it means talking to God from your heart, sharing your innermost thoughts, fears, wants, and needs. He knows anyway.

This too shall pass, not in our time but in His time.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. — T. S. Eliot

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6 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Another

  1. Bruce says:

    Hi Joe Yeah, I’m retired too. As long as my social security and veteran’s disability compensation arrives, I’ll be fine. I also have a retirement fund to rely on. I know it’s tough on people who live from paycheck to paycheck, but sometimes some people are very poor money managers. There are also people who spend all of their money as soon as they have it in their hand. Some people are just plain undisciplined. I knew my retirement was coming some time ago, and I had the foresight to be prepared for this event. I made sacrifices then, to be comfortable now.

    When we are born into this world, no one is promised a rose garden. There is an old adage: We reap what we sow. Some people go to college, obtain a degree, and find themselves up to their ears in debt. Then they want the government to forgive their debt. Wrong !! Why should the rest of the taxpayers have to pay for their debt ? No one forced them to go to college. They went into this scenario with both eyes open, and they cry about being in debt. And they want someone else to pay for their debt. I’m kind of conservative in this way. My nature is to be fiercely independent, and I don’t like asking anyone for anything. I prefer to make my own way in life. My motto is that if you want something in life, then earn it.

    I understand the reason for the stimulus, and this is alright on a temporary basis. But i just found out that the government is sending stimulus checks to people who have died. Like I always say, government would screw up a one man parade. Like Forest Gump said: Stupid is as stupid does.

    Health wise, I’m doing fine. I’m one of those people who very rarely becomes ill. I haven’t had a cold in over 20 years. The flu is around every year, and I never get the flu. My doctor thinks this is because I have a very powerful immune system. I think this is partially genetic. On my mother’s side of the family, the Flemish side, my ancestors typically live very long lives, and are generally in good health. Into their late 80s, 90s, and some over 100. Thank you, my Flemish ancestors….LOL.

    Take care Joe, and be happy and healthy.



  2. Sandra K Stein says:

    Is that Five Minute Friday collection of stories available somewhere? I’d like to get a copy if it is.


  3. You got to play the hand you’re dealt,
    your life is in arms of Fates,
    but now you know how Wild Bill felt
    when he drew aces and eights.
    You’ve got to show up anyhow
    for the rest, and for their kin,
    ’cause this is where you’re set to plow,
    though the soil be mighty thin.
    You’ve got to set the clacker right
    and double-prime the charge;
    when it blows you’re livin’ right,
    with ol’ claymore livin’ large.
    Says Barb with laughter in her eye,
    “Life’s a b****, but so am I.”

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