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This is your spot as much as it is mine, so I welcome feedback and comments and questions. I thought I would share one of the questions — and my answer — with you, especially since if this is Tuesday, the post must be {should be} writing  or reading related.

The question was simple. “What do you do when you just don’t feel like writing?”

My answer was just as simple. “I don’t.”

Of course, there are many, many exceptions that need discussion. I’ll address those before circling back.

My career involved writing, so I didn’t have the luxury of not writing while I was working. There was always a story to cover or a feature to research. It was all part of the job. Like any other job, there are days you enjoy the challenges and there are others when you just go through the motions.

And then there is blogging. A lot of posts — mine and other — are dependent on the format. If it’s freestyle, if you skip a few days you probably won’t hurt your base. This blog, although formatted, is really freestyle. That was especially true prior to January 2019. Since then, each daily post was “assigned” a theme — Sunday Sermonette; Monday Words for the Week; Tuesday Readin’, ‘Riting & ‘Rithmetic; Wednesday Midweek Mirth; Thursday Life & Love; Five Minute Friday: and Saturday Prayer, Care, Share. The Tuesday, Thursday and Friday posts contain the most original content, and I often include my words from the pulpit on Sundays when I am actually behind the pulpit. I have a deep reservoir of resources for the other days.

I try to follow the schedule as best I can for two reasons.

First, it unconsciously forces me to the keyboard. That routine is key.

But I also caution about becoming slaves to that routine, which leads to the second reason. Even though I am borrowing text from other sources about half the time, I am still putting words down, editing words, and crafting a message daily. It’s one of the reasons I enjoy my Five Minute Friday exercise so much. It forces me to focus on a prompt word, one out of the blue. It expands my thought.

All that brings us full circle to the original question. It came from a budding author and writer’s block is a very real issue. My flippant answer was directed at the writing community in particular. My books — published and in progress — came after retiring. I’m not writing books as a profession, although there are authors who do. They might have a different take.

I now write for personal satisfaction. The three — Heaven Shining Through; Wisdom From a Father … one dad’s thoughts on life; and My Name Is Sam … and Heaven Is Still Shining Through — each tell everyday stories with everyday challenges and joys in their own way. They may sometimes be messy, but they reflect deep Christian values.

I came across a forgotten review of My Name Is Sam … and Heaven Is Still Shining Through. It reminded me why I write.

“Sometimes, as believers, we are afraid to present the raw truth of what life is like. We want our churches to be friendly, our marriages to be solid, our kids to behave, and our novels to be chaste. We miss out on the beauty of the experience precisely because we deny the downs and focus on the ups. We present life in a series of vacation pics and high life selfies. In doing so, we leave out half of life and wonder why people don’t take Jesus seriously. Joe Siccardi is not one of those believers, and his story is not one of those stories. While he remains true to the faith, he uses the suffering of Samantha Watt, his everyday girl in her everyday world, to show the ragged lines of humanity. Don’t be shocked, be still. Don’t be judgmental, be honest. Read this story at the peril of your heart, but not in any peril of your faith”

To sum up, I can’t tell you how many times I just didn’t feel like writing. I didn’t write … until passion caught up with my mind. I didn’t force writing, like from 10 a.m.-noon … but waited for the flow, be it during dinner or at 2:30 in the morning {yes, those happened}.

But the caveat: Never give up! You started writing because you had a story to tell. Tell it!

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Try to keep your mind open to possibilities and your mouth closed on matters you don’t know about.

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I'm just an ordinary guy walking along the journey of life.
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10 Responses to Q & A

  1. TamrahJo says:

    I find that anything I do when ‘forcing myself’ is just “moved to trash” aka “deleted’ on a Mac computer – :). And yet, so much of my writing goes on in my brain while I’m doing other things – sometimes a line in my head grabs hold while I’m fully immersed in weeding in the garden, or washing dishes and to me, that IS LIFE, and I always take those ‘lines’ as nudges from the universal graciousness that gifts us all with insight – I’ve also had thoughts wander through my mind while caring for the terminally ill – sitting still in the middle of the dark night, next to a sick child who is fitfully resting – I guess, in my ‘inner world’ writing is going on nearly 24/7 – even in my dreams – but not all of it is important enough/strong enough to compel me to ‘jot this down before I forget this amazing moment gifted to me….” – LOL. Writing/Starting a blog interupts so much of daily activities – I HAVE, however, gotten better at remembering to grab pictures at the time – when need be…LOL

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    • That’s a start! My mind never shuts down … I am constantly storing nuggets and info in files in my mind. Stay safe! How are things out west?

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      • TamrahJo says:

        Spring weather days, that seem to be flooded with ‘website work requests’ and carving out time to get out and sheet mulch new garden areas so spring blizzards/snows can water in the soil for veggies and fruits this summer! :). Colorado being hit hard on covid19 front, and while our county is low on cases/death rates, we are all but surrounded by high number counties – so I pretty much stay home except to check the mail once a week, my son is working long shift 5 or 6 days a week at FedEx and we are just trucking along and taking it a day at a time! 🙂


      • Stay safe. I’m sheltering in place in Kentucky, waiting to be allowed back in Maine. My middle son drives freight overnights — Massachusetts to Poconos.

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      • TamrahJo says:

        You too! What part of Kentucky? Have relatives stretched out from Covington to Paducah area – 🙂 Thanks sent to your freight driving son – they are rather a lifeline that is finally being seen as ‘essential’ now, and not invisible – Signed, prior for many years, truckstop waitress – 🙂


      • I’m in Bowling Green. Yes, I’m truckers are starting to get some respect.

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      • TamrahJo says:

        I think back to my time waitressing – their struggles with bosses/dispatch – their pay, the desire to strike that just never took off, because at the time (late 80s early 90s) they figured enough folks in need of work, they would cross picket lines to earn $ for food/rent, etc. Sigh – So many who have shown up and done what needed done, for ages, at unglamorous and increasingly, low wages, are really holding the front line, just now – I hope and pray, that folks remember this and take it to heart when/if things work around to folks thinking ‘ah..things back to normal’ I hope SOME things, like this, never return to normal and folks start getting the living AND appreciation for what part they play in it all – 😀


      • TamrahJo says:

        Ahh Bowling Green – remember driving through, roundabout, to hit the cave before heading north to south central ohio family area – 🙂

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  2. Bruce says:

    Hi Joe

    Sometimes we need to take a break. When someone tries to write out of obligation, then the writing loses something in the process. In my case, I write from my heart. I write what I feel and what I sense. Sometimes I get “writer’s block”. When I try to force the writing, the words just don’t come out right. When this occurs, I know I need to take a break. Then go back to writing when the time is right.


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