Random Coronavirus Thoughts

I’ve been accused of not taking this coronavirus pandemic serious. Well, that’s not entirely true. I am taking the virus serious … but I’m not worrying about it — and won’t. Worry gets you nowhere except to Anxietyville. I can worry about the virus — or anything else in life — until the second coming and it won’t change a thing. The reality is I am NOT in control of things I cannot control. I AM in control of those things I can control — my prayer and personal life, my relationships, my actions {or inactions}.

By now, we are all feeling some effects of the pandemic. Some of us have gotten sick {not me} or know someone who has. Most of us have lost jobs and income. Just about all of us have been “sheltered in place” and had our regular routines disrupted. Life is decidedly different — for all of us.

Worrying is not going to change that.

I have a friend who tested positive for covid-19. With an underlying severe heart condition his risks are significantly higher than mine. He’s been living the last couple of years under a cloud — a dark cloud — dealing with the death of his longtime companion, his son’s deployment to Afghanistan, betrayal in another relationship, a very serious auto accident, and, of course, his declining heart health issues. What bothered me, however, was when he told me he tested positive, he told me point blank, he did not want my prayers. “Where has God been?” he asked.

I didn’t respond with my usual “Thoughts and prayers,” just “Keep me posted.” But he has been moved up my prayer list and will remain there through this latest wave. He needs prayer — lots of prayer — as he battles his biggest challenge: loss of hope. I try to offer that hope through daily communication with him, but not through preaching to him, not through pushing my beliefs on him, not even by letting him know I AM praying for him. Just a hopeful daily message. Just a note showing him the blessing of the gift of today. Just pointing out the joy in tomorrow. Just brightening his spirit.

I’m not worried about my friend. I am concerned. I also realize all I can do is try to soften his heart to the Healer’s touch. He alone will choose which button he pushes when that last breath comes. My job is to give him a reason to push the Up button.

This virus has resulted in a mandated time out. All the disruption is giving all of us a chance to do less over the next few weeks. Our choices will be limited, which means we should have more time to spend with our families … if we take advantage of it. It could be a time to reconnect with your spouse or kids. It could be an opportunity to catch up on the to do list, perhaps even including the whole family to clean up, spruce up or catch up. It could also be a time to some extra reading or extra study or extra prayer time — again as a family?

Don’t succumb to the fear mongers. As bad as this virus is, keep it in perspective. A 1-2% mortality rate is alarming, but look at the 98-99% recovery rate. Don’t allow the greater New York City metropolitan area statistics drive you to a state of fear in your community. You can find up-to-date information on covid-19 at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Do confine your driving to essentials. Do social distancing. Stay home! Stay put! Wash your hands regularly with soap. Use common sense. Continue spreading good news, positive {okay, sometimes funny} memes. Check on your family and neighbors by phone or social media. Come together because we’re all in this together.

Take a moment to pray for and thank all those involved on the front line — the scientists, doctors, nurses, first responders, essential workers, truckers and distributors.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all impacted by the pandemic, which probably is every one of us. I’m concerned … but I’m not worried. Because in the end, I also know I am in Good Hands, the Architect who knows the grand plan.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: All that a man achieves and all that he fails to achieve is the direct result of his own thoughts. – James Allen

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12 Responses to Random Coronavirus Thoughts

  1. Bruce says:

    Good article Joe. Like you said, worrying doesn’t solve any problems. It just creates anxiety. I also practice social distancing. The only reason I leave home is for a trip to the grocery store once a week. I certainly concur with not listening to the fear mongers. These people are like psychic vampires, and they will suck all of the positive energy right out of someone.

    Just use common sense and take reasonable precautions. You don’t have to wrap yourself in aluminum foil or anything else that would be considered extreme. The overwhelming majority of us will survive this virus, and our lives will continue on. Y’all take care now.


  2. Reblogged this on "Cat Lyon's Reading and Writing Den" and commented:
    THIS Cat was very taken by these “Random Thoughts about the Pandemic” by my dear friend and Author, Joe Siccardi and why I am sharing his post with all of my readers. It is a tough time, a, at times filled with stress and anxiety over this virus. Joe offers us much wisdom, advice, and always with a “touch of faith & caring”… The thought at the end of his post is TRUE …
    THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: All that a man achieves and all that he fails to achieve is the direct result of his own thoughts. – James Allen


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  3. Sue Connor says:

    Excellent, Joe, very well said! I believe that when something bad happens that is out of our control, it is our responsibility to make something good come out of it. Each day is a new chance to do that.


  4. Jersey Jim says:

    Great sensibility, too much News. Use reason and good sense.

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  5. From day 1, I have not had any anxiety or worried over this virus. I have felt peace. My peace comes from the Savior as well. When I go shopping I wear mask I made. Our church has held world wide fast on Good Friday inviting other churches to join us for the purpose of https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/church/news/president-nelson-asks-latter-day-saints-to-unite-our-faith-once-again-in-fast-on-good-friday?lang=eng&_r=1
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


    • I have no worries either. The hair on my head has already been counted; the sand in by hourglass have been carefully placed. It’s not up to me when I’m called Home … and Home is where I know I will go!


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