Checking In

My kids are comical. Not hilarious comical. More like worry wart comical. They are constantly checking to make sure I’m doing okay … no fever … no cough … no trouble breathing. And even when I assure them personally all is well in my world, they start checking in with their siblings. Right now, oldest son in Kentucky is under the constant dad watch since I’m hunkering through the virus at his Bowling Green home.

It’s funny because one of the clan’s sign-off caveats when I moved  to Maine was a daily, morning “I’m okay” message. It is something I’ve done faithfully — even when on the road {I did forget once and they went crazy, even called out the local police in Dover-Foxcroft and state police in Maine, Massachusetts, and New York}. The messages seem to be trending a little later than usual lately, but that’s because Angelina has treated our latest journey as a true vacation and has been sleeping in. Of course, Kentucky is in the Central time zone, which means the posts at my “normal” time are an hour later for my Eastern kids — which is all of them except Joe.

I have a family that cares. I have friends who care. I am blessed beyond belief.

I also know others who don’t have the support system. So I’m asking every reader — every follower — to reach out to their families and friends. Just the sound of your voice — even on the phone — could be a tonic. Just an e-mail or message could brighten a long homebound day. It doesn’t have to be long — a simple “I’m thinking of you … Do you need anything?”

There have been tremendous stories of people coming together … more even than those who are acting like, well, jerks. Those stories restore my faith in humanity.

I also caution all to be careful trying to absorb all the information. If  you feel you need up-to-date information on covid-19, go to the source at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or visit your state’s CDC. Do not rely on social media or even media in general.

It is no surprise the New York City metropolitan area is  being hard hit because of its population density. As of  this afternoon, there have been at least 37,258 confirmed cases of the coronavirus discovered in the state, however, that includes more than 21,393 in New York City. There were 280 unfortunate deaths in the city … 105 in the rest of the state. There are 4,402 cases in New Jersey with 62 deaths and 875 cases in Connecticut with 19 deaths. In Maine, there are 155 confirmed cases {none in the three northernmost counties} with no reported deaths. There are less than 50 cases reported in the Dakotas (North and South), Wyoming and the territory of the Virgin Islands. There are no reported cases in the territories of American Samoa, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Northern Marianas, or Palua,

My thanks go to the scientists, health care workers, essential workers, and supply chain workers. My thoughts and prayers go out to all impacted by the pandemic, which probably will be every one of us. I’m concerned … but I’m not worried. I’ll leave that to my family. I know I am in Good Hands, the Architect who knows the grand plan. Thy will be done.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Dreams are lovely. But they are just dreams. Fleeting, ephemeral, pretty. But dreams do not come true just because you dream them. It’s hard work that makes things happen.


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