Are we going stir crazy yet? How is “home schooling” working? How about work from home? Are almost constant contact with spouses and children wearing you down or are you enjoying the family time? Are you catching up with your reading and watching lists? Do you miss meeting up with friends … in real time, in person?  How has your life changed over the past couple of weeks?

I’m not. Being retired, my only job has been to get up, eat, work social media, take a nap, eat, maybe watch a movie or TV show, go to bed. I did most of that before the coronavirus brought the country to its knees. I was in Ohio when the stay at home orders first started and I’m currently in Kentucky with my single, oldest son. What I do miss  is meeting and greeting people … people I know and people I would  like to know better.

There was a Book Group I wanted to drop into in Ohio. I had planned author visits that were put on hold. There is a sense of normalcy and routine that’s missing.

As a writer, you would think the lack of distractions would spur an interest to work on the three works in progress percolating on the back burner. Sadly, it hasn’t … at least not to the level it should be. I’ve opened the files, tinkered here and there, and saved and closed the files. My bad.

The truth is, I am energized by interacting with the world. I would often pick up an idea for development through a conversation at the grocery store, or while stopping to talk with another dog walker, or at community events. My mind starts exploring new ideas when I’m driving, be it a drive around town or cross country. I haven’t started my car since I arrived here in Kentucky Saturday. I haven’t started my mind either.

I do take the pandemic seriously. After all, I am in the higher risk pool — a senior with a history of bronchial issues. But I generally feel well and — from experience — recognize symptoms of a cold or flu early for self-medicating and/or making a call to my medical provider.

But this isn’t about me. Seriously, how has your life changed over the past couple of weeks? Positive stories. Horror stories. Funny stories. Sad stories. What are you reading or watching? Do you have any suggestions on teaching the home-bound kiddos, or just plain keeping them busy?

I hope you share some thoughts. In the meantime, be safe, stay vigilant, and remember Who is in ultimate control.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: The negative wakes us up. And the positive shows us the direction in which we should go. — David Steindl-Rast

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I'm just an ordinary guy walking along the journey of life.
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4 Responses to Coping

  1. Ruthie Young says:

    Interesting, I’m in the middle of writing another book. Was so excited about it. When this all started my first thought, “All that time for writing.” But I have written nary a word. What’s up with that? Blessings to you and I hope we both can get down to the business of writing. I certainly enjoy yours.


  2. Jim Matthews says:

    Everyone is learning the new Genre’.
    Church, YMCA, gatherings in need of support.
    AA meetings and other anonymous gatherings on Zoom.
    Zoom not beyond Electric Company on PBS?
    Hmmmm, safe travels and prayers from the Homeland.
    Jersey Jim 78 DBT

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