What Happened to the Dinosaurs?

The short answer is, “I don’t know …” Slightly expanded, the sentence is, “… and it’s not one of the questions I’ll bring to the pearly gates.”

BUT, my seven year old grandson would not only have an answer, but go on for hours about how each of these prehistoric reptiles lived and died. He has questions, which is good — very, very good — since he answers the “what do you want to be when you grow up” question without hesitation, “a paleontologist.” He has straightened me out on the characteristics of the stegosaurus, tyrannosaurus rex, velociraptor, brachiosaurus, baryonyx, iguanodon, sauropods, triceratops, diplodocus, coelophysis, and even the chilesaurus. In fact, over 700 different species of dinosaurs have been identified and named. I think my grandson know them all. Paleontologists believe there are many more new and different dinosaur species still to be discovered. Benny might be one to find them.

My Massachusetts visit has been packed with all things dinosaurs — books, videos, games, songs, toys, even dino shaped food and snacks. His last birthday cake was a dinosaur cake. He returned from the library with a sack full of books — 23, all dinosaur related — two {non-dinosaur} DVDs, and a video game, Lego Jurassic World. From sunrise to sunset, the TV is tuned in to You Tube videos like Hunt for the Indominus Rex, Dinosaur Island, T-Rex Ranch Dino Music, Superheroes as Dinosaurs, Play Doh Dino Tools, Dinosaur Puzzle for Kids, Creating the Dinosaurs of Jurassic World, and How to Make Dinosaur Ice Eggs, just to name a few. The white noise in the background as I pen these words is HobbyKidsTV’s segment on finding a dinosaur in the neighborhood

In his defense, Ben has been fascinated by the prehistoric reptiles since birth. In fact, it’s rumored his first words weren’t “mama”or “dada” but “t-rex” — just an unsubstantiated tale.

I also don’t know if his interests were natural or influenced. His older brothers lean toward “how does it work” mechanics and fantasy. His younger sister leans toward music. But it’s not unusual for different family members to stop and watch a few scenes of the scaly and not so scaly reptiles. Even last night, the dinnertime conversation was why the dinosaurs got stuck in the tar pits. It was a multi-generational conversation.

I’ve learned birds specifically evolved from a group of dinosaurs called the theropods, which were flesh-eating dinosaurs that walked on two legs that had feet resembling modern-day bird feet. The closest survivors are chickens. Distant relatives are in the reptile group, including turtles, crocodiles, lizards, and snakes. The rhinoceros and giraffes may also have some dinosaur in their dna.

Interesting … but I almost — almost — miss My Little Pony.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Control your own destiny or someone else will. — Jack Welch


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5 Responses to What Happened to the Dinosaurs?

  1. Where are all the dinosaurs,
    where did they all go?
    Spending too much time in bars,
    or OD-ing on blow?
    Could smoking be their fatal flaw,
    as ’twas for Marlboro Man?
    Or was melanoma what they saw
    when trying to get a tan?
    Did T-Rex try to bungee jump
    on a cord that would not hold his weight
    and busted thus his mighty rump
    leaping from the Golden Gate?
    Or could they just not stand the strain,
    as their cell phones fried their brains?


  2. Bruce says:

    It’s my understanding that the dinosaurs disappeared 65 million years ago. Caused by an impact of a massive asteroid in the Yucatan peninsula area. Some of the dinosaurs probably survived the initial impact, but the impact most likely kicked up a lot of debris into the atmosphere, causing much colder temperatures to occur. The climate was probably more tropical before the asteroid struck the Earth. Perhaps the dinosaurs could not cope with the climate change, and became extinct.

    Alligators and crocodiles are supposed to have existed for 200 million years. Why did the dinosaurs go extinct, and the alligators and crocodiles have survived ?


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