It’s the little things in life that give it its flavor.

This morning, I actually had toast for breakfast. I like toast for breakfast. It’s a perfect complement to good, hot, black coffee. Spread a little bit of butter {healthy butter with olive oil for easier spreading and sea salt for a little flavor} and I’m a happy camper. Occasionally I’ll add a little jam, although that’s the exception rather than the rule.

Now all this is, really, just a personal choice. And I bring it up because during my travels, I discovered neither my middle son nor my oldest son owned a toaster. Whaaat!

It’s true. I relocated my toaster from Maine to Massachusetts. I enjoyed it, although the clan — used to toasting in a toaster over — looked at in awe. What was this miracle appliance?

You can use a toaster oven to toast bread — after all it is a TOASTer over. I supposed you can cook in it as well {by the way, they have when their oven went out}. In full disclosure, we never owned a toaster oven. Karen always insisted on a toaster and an oven. In fact, it took several years after introduction before she relented and purchased a microwave. We used it mostly for reheating. With that history, I was always a little skeptical of just leaving bread unattended under hot coils. At least with a toaster, the bread pops up and the coils cool. And there is that awkward moment of retrieving the toasted bread. The tray gets a little, umm, warm.

I counted the purchase of a toaster for my oldest son as a blessing last night. It was and it is. In fact my morning toast will probably be tonight’s blessing — unless the Lord shares another bigger one. My response from Massachusetts? “I think we have use the toaster once since you left. 🙂 The toaster oven is just a go to for us.” Oh well, at least my toaster will be no worse for wear when I make it back to Massachusetts.

I realized my older son didn’t have a toaster when I arrived in Kentucky a few weeks back but just dealt with it. Since he doesn’t toast much of anything, when his roommates moved out they took the toaster and he just never replaced it. As I backtracked my route, I decided to buy one for him.

I know what I’ll be having for breakfast tomorrow. In fact, I think I might have toast with butter, peanut butter and jam for lunch.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. — Albert Einstein

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3 Responses to Toast

  1. I noticed smell of burning bread
    while otherwise engrossed,
    and that was when the doctor said,
    “Well, my boy, you’re toast.
    We can’t offer healing grace,
    but we can make you comfy
    with pain meds to give you a face
    like Hubert Horatio Humphrey.”
    I told him that I’m really sorry,
    but his offer would not float
    for I hew to the surfer’s glory
    and cannot accept the bloat.
    Give others all the pills and tabs
    while I’m working on my abs.

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  2. Beautiful Einstein quote at the end! Have a nice Sunday and service!

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