Book Blitz — A Review

Last week, I spent some time touring social media via a book blitz set up by Enticing Journey Book Promotions, I didn’t know what to expect and now that the tour is over, I thought I would share some of my insights.

It was an up and down experience. I can’t quantify the results although I hope Enticing Journey will offer some analytics and feedback from its hosts. While there was a modest cost involved, I would say the added exposure was worth it. I think.

Ena and Amanda — Enticing Journey — advised me up front their potential romance blog list was broad … as in all genres, including, let’s say, more salacious than my target audience. They said most of their blogs are adult romance bloggers but they will post sales/promos on their blogs. Their readers may read Christian Fiction.

That being said, they came up with about 90 potential blog spots for the one week promotion, and the blitz promo was featured on 39. As best as I can ascertain, that meant the potential of 108,827 eyes — give or take some — scrolled past the promotion on blogs, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

I was asked if I was concerned about a Christian-themed being featured on erotic fiction sites. Well, it certainly wouldn’t be my first choice of an audience, but then, My Name Is Sam … and Heaven Is Still Shining Through wasn’t written for the choir. So if just one adult reader is influenced by the presence of God in an ordinary life and opens his/her heart, I’m okay with it.

I do know there was some modest interest in the promotion. At least 23 people either liked or shared the individual post and my personal blog and social media followers spiked slightly following the week-long blitz.

I would like to thank those sites that did promote My Name Is Sam. They included 2 chicks and a book; Abibliophobia Anonymous Book Reviews; AJ Book Remarks; A Little Book Love; Angela’s Opinion; Bibliophile Bestie; Bloom & Buck Book Blog; Book Club Gone Wrong; Book-Lover; Bookluvin Rose Reads; Books Make Addicts; Cat Lyon’s Reading Den; Cat’s Guilty Pleasure; cupcakesandbookshelves; Digital Dirty Girl Book Blog; Iron Canuck Reviews & More; Janise’s Jivin Book Blog; Jeri’s Book Attic; K & R’s Dark Angels Book Blog; Kiss N’Tale Blog; Laura Lu’s Book Reviews; Little Shop of Readers; Lucky 13 Book Reviews and News; mamalou’s book pimping, blog and reviews; Nerdy Dirty & Flirty; Reading Is Our Satisfaction Blog; Real Talk Book Talk; Romance Author Valerie Ullmer; Sally Mieske; Sassy Southern Book Blog; Sexy Books & Sarcasm; Sinful Swag and Sass; Spunky n Sassy Promotions & Reviews; T’s Stuff; TBR Book Blog; The Power of Three Readers; The Romance Reporter; Three Twisted Beauties; Warrior Woman Winmill.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence. — Vince Lombardi



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