Autumn on the Road

I’m formally on the second leg of my trip visiting the kids/grandkids/great-grandkids. I made my way from Massachusetts to upstate New York.

I opted to take the southern route — 84 to 17/86 to 91 to back roads from Ithaca to home. After all, it was a beautiful October day and I reasoned the foliage over the Catskills would really pop. In fact, last weekend when I made the trip {another story} what color I saw through the fog and mist was brilliant.

Today’s color didn’t disappoint; however I was surprised a lot of the leaves had already headed south for the winter, especially on the north side of the road in the Catskills and Southern Tier. What remained popped — groves of yellow, orange and red amid the ever green pines and quickly stripping trees. And they shimmered and sashayed in the gentle breeze and bright sun.

I am a winter person, but I really do enjoy driving during autumn … especially on the back roads or roads less traveled. The ever-changing color soothes me. Seeing the leaf-less trees remind me winter is coming sooner rather than later. Soon the landscape will be those trees sitting  amid a winter white mantle of snow. The blowing leaves form interesting traffic induced patterns as they gently fall from limb to ground.

It was worth the extra hour.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Never change who you are in order to make others comfortable with who they are.

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2 Responses to Autumn on the Road

  1. I’m facing life’s cold hard winter
    which really is, you know, a bummer
    for as you might well disinter
    I am a Boy of Summer.
    I want to get out, take the field
    to savage both the scrum and maul,
    but failing body makes me yield
    control of that dear rugby ball.
    Perhaps a miracle will come,
    that rolls back pain, like the rock
    that covered Who did not succumb,
    but rose again to tend His flock.
    But in the end, warm days await
    on the other side of Heaven’s gate.


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