Midweek Mirth

One of the misconceptions about being a Christian is non-Christians think we don’t know how to have fun or have a sense of humor. Trust me, if the Big Guy can have a sense of humor when it comes to dealing with us mere mortals, so can we.

The difference for Christians is we don’t have to debase ourselves or others to generate a smile. Laughter at life or ourselves is a gift from God.

So, let’s smile a little!

Just A Note

The first graders were attending their first music lesson. The teacher was trying to begin at the beginning. She drew a musical staff on the blackboard and asked a little girl to come up and write a note on it. The little girl went to the blackboard, looked thoughtful for a minute and wrote, “Dear Aunt Emma, just a short note to tell you I’m fine.”

And now for the bonus …

Call The Bank

A daughter called her mother at work to say she was to phone “Josh” at the bank about her account. So, she called her bank and the operator asked her what Josh’s last name was, and she explained he hadn’t left his last name.

“There are 1,500 employees in this building, ma’am,” the operator advised her rather sharply.

After a few more brusque comments, the woman was becoming angry so she asked the operator for her name. “Danielle,” she said.

“And your last name?” the woman asked.

“Sorry,” she replied, “we’re not allowed to give out last names.”

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Laughter is the sun which drives winter from the human face. — Victor Hugo

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I'm just an ordinary guy walking along the journey of life.
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