God Is the Great Creator

Today’s Words for the Week are courtesy of Ray Lammie, from Dr. John C. Maxwell as seen on Faith Thought of the Day.

It doesn’t make sense not to bring God — the Creator of the universe — into the creative process. No matter how much natural talent God has given us, God always can make it greater, better, bigger. That’s why I pray for creativity. And when I pray for creativity, I ask for two things — I ask God to give me an idea or give me an example.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Old friends are gold. New friends are diamond. If you get a diamond, don’t forget the gold because to hold a diamond, you always need a base of gold!

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2 Responses to God Is the Great Creator

  1. There’s nothing what can be creative
    without the Lord’s sure guiding hand,
    from Rembrandt to the tough ablative
    heat-shield to let Apollo safely land.
    He lives within our mind and heart
    and if we let Him, glad to lend
    His wisdom that, with our own part
    can change the world, or help it mend.
    Accepting guiding touch of grace
    does not preclude the role we play
    to make this earth a better place;
    together we call a brighter day.
    Yes, His nagging’s sometimes a bother
    but really, He’s a fair coauthor.


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