Re-Launch … for Me and Sam

Over the years, I’ve come to understand some of the characters in the Bible. At different stages in my life, I’ve mirrored Abraham, Noah, Job, Peter and even Judas Iscariot. But for the past year or so, I’ve empathized more with Jonah.

No, I don’t see a great fish in my future, but I can relate to Jonah’s reluctance to go where he was being led. With complete sorrow, I have not renewed my lease for the apartment here in Dover-Foxcroft, ME. I will be leaving the area on or around Sept. 30.

It isn’t something I necessarily want to do, but escalating expenses and stagnant income played a key role in the decision. My living expenses budget line kept creeping up and taking from my living life budget line.

I was first prompted to vacate my river view apartment last year, but resisted. I feel like I was led to Dover-Foxcroft for a reason. I hope I am leaving the community a little better, sharing the Light with new-found friends. Now I am being called to sadly leave. It’s not toward Nineveh, but I walk in faith knowing the Lord knows my ultimate steps and purpose.

I truly enjoyed my time here in Dover-Foxcroft and especially the relationships I formed here. I’ve been involved with Dover-Foxcroft United Methodist Church, Kiwanis of Dover-Foxcroft, The Commons at Central Hall, and the Dover-Foxcroft Area Food Cupboard. I have come to treasure the friends I have made at The Mill and in the community. It’s been my privilege to settle into the community which has welcomed this “from away” transplant with open arms. You will be missed.

I will be spending at least the rest of the year visiting my children, grandchildren and some close family and friends around the country as I re-assess my long-range goals and plans.

One idea I have for the new year is to go on an live book tour along the Route 1/Atlantic Coast from Key West, FL, to Fort Kent, ME, while I still can. My thought is to spend a few days at select sites on the route, capturing the ambience of each locale and capping each visit with a podcast featuring fellow authors I am sure I’ll meet along the way as we talk about writing and the writing process. And, of course, I intend to continue writing and sharing.

Which segues us to My Name Is Sam … and  Heaven Is Still Shining Through. I’ve had some e-book problems with the cover and, quite honestly, it has not gained the traction I thought it would. So, I decided to switch platforms. I have taken down the independently published listing off Amazon and have replaced it under the Higher Ground Books & Media plate.

Higher Ground Books & Media of Springfield, OH, is an independent Christian-based publisher designed to provide a platform for authors to share their stories and empower others through storytelling.  The small stable of authors features work that is inspirational, motivational, or educational, in both fiction and non-fiction genres. It is my hope the switch – coupled with self promotion – will kick start the latest novel and introduce my work to a new audience. New links are at the HGBM Store, Amazon, or Kindle.

Change is always difficult. Personal change is even more challenging. It’s a good thing I have faith!

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.

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I'm just an ordinary guy walking along the journey of life.
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2 Responses to Re-Launch … for Me and Sam

  1. Catherine Marcuccilli says:

    Sounds like a good media switch, can’t hurt, hopefully will help. Condolences on leaving your new found community. Enjoy connecting further with your children and grandchildren.


    • Change is always difficult. I collected a lifetime of memories in just four short years here but it’s onward and upward. I feel I was led here and am now being told to leave. Time to spend some time with the family. Hope all is well with you.


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