Five Minute Friday — Hospitality

It’s Friday. It must be Five Minute Friday time!

We’ve been over the drill before. We receive a five minute write prompt at Thursday night’s #fmfparty get together — get our creative juices flowing — write for five unedited minutes {or so} just to enjoy the writing experience — post our contribution — join with others in the community at to share our work, be it a pearl or a sow’s ear, and to support and encourage others in the group.

I have been sharing experiences from other writers as collected in Susan Shipe’s compilation, Five Minute Friday: A Collection of Stories Written in Five Minutes Flat. This week’s contribution is from Deborah. May her words be the inspiration you need to join in the fun.

“I got into FMF with a selfish motive — to get exposure for my blog What I’ve found is a community of grace with a group of folks longing to lift up each other, to pray for and encourage others. To support and inspire, to laugh and to cry. It’s about much more than writing. I’m glad to have found this community of welcoming hearts.”

With that prelude, it’s time to set the timer for five minutes and GO!

A little fun fact. I was in the hospitality business.

Of course, that needs a back story. And, full disclosure, I did not choose to be in the hospitality sector.

When Karen and I bought our house in rural New York, it came with an assortment of outbuildings — including an old, small, three unit motel. I, of course, had dreams of using it as my office. Then it was re-purposed as my mother-in-law’s apartment. Then my wife went to work on her vision.

She saw a 50s motel in a room-starved area of upstate New York. But she added a twist. Instead of just a bed, she included breakfast … and thus the Seneca Sunset Motel came to be.

My role in this scheme was primarily behind the scenes … you know, fetching what she needed when she needed it. I was also the guinea pig for her breakfast recipes before they hit the table … and a willing clean up complete with getting the extras. … STOP

But the experience did thrust me into the hospitality side of things — greeting guests, making sure their breakfast needs were met, chit chatting as needed.

As I thought of this chapter in my life, I was reminded we are all in the hospitality business. Our lives should be all about hospitality — reaching out, interacting, assuring our fellow travelers’ needs are met.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful!

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse. — Jim Rohn

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8 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Hospitality

  1. Carol says:

    Sounds like you and your wife had a great partnership in extending hospitality at your bed& breakfast. I agree– our lives should be all about hospitality.


  2. I wonder how it’s going to feel,
    knocking on heaven’s door.
    Will it seem a dream, or real;
    “Have I been here before?”
    I wonder how they’ll welcome me,
    or will they turn away
    because of my past infamy?
    Will they suffer me to stay?
    I wonder if they’ll have a place
    for me to stop and rest
    before I look into the Face
    that’s always loved me best?
    I guess that soon enough I’ll learn
    the love I never had to earn.

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    • I think they’ll welcome you with open arms. This is how I ended my new book. I pray it’s your ending as well (mine too) … I got up, speechless, and let Chad – my Chad – wrap his strong arms around me as he escorted me down the boardwalk and toward the break in the sky. I quickly realized how light I felt as we walked ever more closer to the epicenter of the cloud. More and more people showed up as we walked down the aisle of light. Mom, Dad, Dad Watt, George and Tess, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, and a host of people I didn’t know. A voice from the brightest spot in the cloud instructed me. “Turn around and see what you have accomplished.”
      I turned around and saw my life unfold in a puzzle-like diorama from the other side of cloud. There were the failures in act and thought mingled in with the successes in deed. There were the happy times and the sad times all revealed at the same time. The Voice added, “Well done good and faithful servant” as the entourage erupted into cheers to welcome me home.


  3. Jennifer says:

    I always had romantic notions of running a B&B. I recently watched a PBS show that showcased expats moving to Europe. Many of them were doing just that – and it really gave an eye-opening look at all the work involved. Oh my!! Hats off to you and your wife making that work together:)

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  4. Gayl says:

    “Our lives should be all about hospitality — reaching out, interacting, assuring our fellow travelers’ needs are met.” This is so true!. What a beautiful thing you and your wife did! Blessings to you!


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