Shouting into the Mist

I don’t know how well Stephen James Kinkade’s Shouting into the Mist is selling, but I empathize with him. The collection of disparate narratives and poems don’t really fit into a marketable Amazon niche — much like my collection of short stories in Wisdom From a Father. They are not necessarily devotions. They are not necessarily inspirational. I wouldn’t classify the essays/poems as self-help.

I guess if I were to classify the 102-page book, it would be a journey into a writer’s mind. From experience, I can say that can be sometimes fulfilling and other times completely frightening. Just as I am often asked, as I perused the book, often the thought that came to mind was, okay, why?

Don’t get me wrong. The stories were interesting and well written. But I kept coming back to, okay, why? Why did he pursue that thought?

And then I remembered this was a trip into the recesses of Kinkade’s mind. Duh! There’s a lot of information floating around up there — some making sense, others not so much. This is not a collection of connected short stories/poems … and it shouldn’t be read that way. Kinkade is a New Jersey native (Red Bank), as am I (Paterson). That could explain our muddled minds.

They’re short metaphorical narratives about self-direction, identity development, and cognitive dissonance. There’s a balance of poems and narratives/essays {I’m not a big fan of poetry but these were generally short and I could understand them}. Some are tethered themes throughout the creative non-fiction, including religious undertones, numerology, minimalism, and social identity.

Stephen said while each piece is from his perspective, the goal is to have the reader create themes based on their perception and answers, just as each individual does throughout the course of life. As the second entry, “Salt,” alludes, there’s a purpose to every aspect of the book. Every comma. Every word choice. Every phrase. The order of the pieces.

The book, if read correctly, will make you think … and smile … and draw your own conclusions.

You’ll like some of the peeks into his mind, probably not all of them. It’s an easy, enjoyable read that I rate three stars — better than average.

Shouting into the Mist

Stephen James Kinkade

Paperback, hard cover (102 pages), and  e-book

Covenant Books (April 14, 2019)

Amazon Digital Services



ISBN: 1644715384



My interview on “The Authors Show” about My Name Is Sam … and Heaven Is Still Shining Through has been scheduled for broadcast on its website,, Channel 3, Aug. 8. I haven’t heard it yet. We can listen together! Check it out!

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. — Dr. Seuss

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2 Responses to Shouting into the Mist

  1. TamrahJo says:

    I’ve found, in many ‘tech giant’ forums, that the ‘provided categories/tags’ they allow one to choose from to definitively ‘label’ one’s work, in order to reach like minded/interested individuals, is often, sadly lacking and not inclusive enough – – Someday, perhaps, there will be an option for tagging a non-profit annual meeting/pot luck as such, rather than looking through the short list and thinking, “well, guess “Party” is about as close as is true – – ” – – 🙂

    Essays, the musings over one’s own journey, shared with others, is, to me, the epitome of how the world of what gets published in book form, accessible to many has changed – NOW, the labels provided to lend ‘guidance’ to find it, by those searching for such things, is still in need of growing past it’s…growing pains to maturity – – ?


    • Amen. Let’s work on getting the message to the right people instead of “guiding” or “misrepresenting” to the wrong people. I still say nothng beats word of mouth … if you like a book (any book) tell some or many someones. Not big into analytics. Thanks. Hope all is well.

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