Passing Lincoln

I’m always intrigued by the power of God in everyday life. What we see as ordinary, God transforms to extraordinary.

Passing Lincoln by Michael Rogers is an example. He uses an everyday $5 bill to show His power.

The story starts with a prologue directly from the Father Himself. We’re introduced to Great-grandma Dolores and her great-grandson LC (Little Chet), a sulking, troubled 17 year old who wants to hear little if anything about God. Dolores hands the boy — named after his great-grandfather — a card with $25 enclosed. He thanks her, but returns the Lincoln when he spots Grandma had underlined “In God We Trust” and added a note, “You can too, LC.” LC responds by asking her, “Gran, if there is a God, He can use this five dollar bill to reach me. Right?” He scribbles a response, hands it back to Delores and heads for the car.

The exchange dispirits Delores, shaking her faith. But it sets in motion a series of events — chapters — showing this  specific Lincoln’s journey around Beulah, IN, and back to LC.

It starts when Delores gave the bill at the church offering to an usher who replaces it and gives to waitress Lianne, who is helped by Jason and pays Dave for a new battery.  In subsequent chapters we learn more about Dave, conniving Jack who works for Dave, who gives it to Klaus who pays Seth with it. We’re also introduced to Tess, friends with Blaise, Seth’s pregnant sister, Rita, a clinic worker, who visits with Blaise before clinic opens. Pastor Preston (preacher) receives a note from Rita with the bill who shares it with Mary, the drunk barber Matthew who threw it into a dumpster; homeless Everyman who pulled it out … and the Spirit ministering to Dale, Hope, Zach, Runner, James, Jason, Vaughn, Will and Lance. Some continue the dialogue on the back of the bill. Others are just touched after hearing or seeing the graffiti covered $5 bill.

The Lincoln ultimately finds its way back to Little Chet, who goes to church — the same church where even the non-regulars are in attendance as Preston tosses his sermon and talks about the hope found in that wayward $5 bill.

“In God We Trust”

“You can too, LC.”

… “My name is Hope.” Every line was written by a different person and all were in attendance at this special Sunday service.

Rogers deftly shared these little coming to Jesus moments. The characters are not cardboard, but real — people you or I might encounter every day.

I could add additional comments from the book, but I don’t want to take away your joy in reading about these transformations and reaffirmations. I’m a firm believer God works best when He works through us with ordinary things and events. This is a definite five-star effort. Thanks, Mike.

Passing Lincoln

Michael Rogers

313 pages

A2G Media (Sept. 6, 2018)

Amazon Digital Services



ISBN: 1732750009

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Actions make your faith complete.




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