I have a confession. My soul is restless. I woke up the other day simulating shifting gears as I drove down an open highway. On a recent trip to Bangor the sunroof was wide open and the radio blaring. I mentally picked about a dozen local sites — east, west, north, south and in between — I want to visit.

Now, that’s not to say I’m not as happy as a lobster in my little corner of the Maine Highlands. I am very, very happy here.

But, that tension — going on the road or stay put — is adding to my restlessness, especially as I ponder whether to renew my lease.

This wanderlust is nothing new. For most of my life, I looked forward to new adventures. Karen and I talked about chucking it all, buying an RV and traveling wherever the winds take us {until she thought about it more deeply and realized it meant being together with me 24/7 🙂 }. Since she died, I’ve nurtured the thought, spending seven years on the Maine back roads before settling in Dover-Foxcroft.

And I’ve always had this fantasy of traveling Route 1 from Key West, FL, to Fort Kent, ME. That window is rapidly closing with each passing day for this septuagenarian.

I reasoned my work these days is spitting out words {sometimes better than others}. The reality is I can do that anywhere. Have laptop, can travel.

The longest north-south road in the nation spans 2,369 miles. Much of it hugs the Atlantic coastline — and feeds my fascination with the ocean. When it heads inland in Georgia through New Jersey, there are alternates that stay on the coast, so I would modify the route to include both, zig-zagging through Georgia, the Carolinas and New Jersey.

In cruising mode, I mapped the trip into 365 days/nights {despite my aloofness, I do have some regimented goals}, three in one place at a time as I migrated up the route. That would give me, I reasoned, time to savor a particular area. I thought I would include one day/night for a speaking engagement, talking about my life journey, my faith journey, my books, the publishing process,anything else participants may wish to ask. The other two days would be free to explore the area, focusing on not necessarily tourist attractions, but local festivals and events. I figured I would seek input on what I should see while in a particular area from readers. And, of course, I would post the incredible adventure.

The only — and biggest — reservation is the cost. I’m not quite sure how I would bridge the expenses and income. Suggestions are welcome.

In fact, suggestions on the idea would be welcomed. Would you be interested in following such an adventure blog? Do you have suggestions about places to visit, places to avoid, hidden gems? Do you have any comments to make?

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: A spice dealer can’t overhaul what time has spoiled.



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2 Responses to Wanderlust

  1. Jim says:

    Joe, I hear you. 9 years ago we did a Route 66 trip with my family. Added a stay in California for 5 days. Nice three weeks. The dilemma is to fund this ordeal. Books , scheduling, talks, I will think it over. Perhaps you can align many days and nights stopping in friends along the way. Why you are a man of God, surely Jesus and his disciples dusted off their sandals and boogied down the Road!


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