Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Today’s reflection is from Karen, a Latter-day Saint, Christian woman, Mormon, mother, sister, daughter of God, friend.

He said, Bring them hither to me. (Matthew 14:18)

I’m always asking my children, “How can I help you?” “Is there anything I can do for you to lighten your load?”

Whatever it is, just “bring it to me” – let me help you.

My daughter’s wedding. “What part can I do for you?”  “I’ll pick up the centerpieces.” “Shall I get those thank-yous for you?” “Let me take care of hemming your temple dress.”

My daughter’s ballroom preparations: “What else do you need?” “How can I take up the slack?”  “Out of lipstick, need shoe guards?”

My friends: “What can I do?”

Most of us echo what our Heavenly Parent must silently but through the voice of the Spirit ask us: “Bring it to me, Karen.” “Bring it to me.”  Maybe that’s what it means to “Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not.”

Heavenly Father and the Savior’s longing is to be there, to take up the slack, to make up the difference. How often He must ask us to “bring it to Him.” Bring the untied spiritual shoelaces in a knot; bring the work assignment that is beyond our natural ken; bring the longing unmet; bring the larger than life challenge, the unexpected debt, the new fear, or old diagnosis. “Bring it to me,” He says.

Thousands of years ago, the disciples faced a hungry throng with no anticipated way of feeding them. They faced a task they shrugged away from. Jesus, asking a few questions, and recognizing a young boy whose presence must not have been without purpose and placement, whose offering was sufficient as He brought it unto the Lord.

What are you feeling like you can’t do today?

Take on a challenge God is calling you to?

Respond to a calling or prompting to step out and do what God is asking you to do?

Persevere in your efforts to store food and get out of  off debt?

Offer kindness to someone who hurt you?

Live in the present?

Whatever it is, know this. God has all power to fill in the gaps, mow down the dashes, add His grace to ours and multiply the fishes in our lives, divide it up, with baskets left offer. Trust Him, and bring it to Him today.

Turn over your frustration, your disappointment, your hurt and allow Him to make the miracle to happen in your life, so you can assist in sharing that and feeding others to His glory.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Either you run the day, or the day runs you. — Jim Rohn


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